Win $50 from Shock Boutique

Hey my lovelies!!!!

Happy Happy Happy New Year to you all!!!!!
Hope you all had a safe and amazing holiday!
I’m so sad to report that tonight is most of our last night of freedom before hitting the road back to our jobs/ career but dont be too sad…this is the time for us all to take advantage of the new year and make changes that you’ve been waiting to put in place throughout 2010 and for some reason (cough cough) didnt get round to it. Please let me know if you have any of these and what they may be…

Back to the lovely Shock Boutique….this fabulous website is offering a $50 giftcard to help you get on your way to making those resloutions reality…I even entered…and so should you!

Lots & Lots of love and new year wishes

Clo xoxo

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