Plan B @ Brixton Academy Vs Joe & Keith Sweat @ Hammersmith Apollo

Went to see Plan B @ o2 Brixton Academy on Friday 8th October 2010 and was really surprised. Plan B is not only a musician but a true artist. I’ve heard he’s acting skills are not too bad so will be buying 1,2,3,4 on DVD…shame it wasn’t a hit but musically this man is good! I like how he infuses the a bit of UK rap with a slight hint of reggae and rock. He went from singing his hit single ‘She Said’ to jumping around as if he was in a mosh pit….and he did it all in impeccably stylish black suit with a skinny tie….how fashion makes such a great impression.

He’s a bad boy and I love it! lol xoxo @ Plan B

 As for the Joe and Keith Sweat Concert I really cant say I was impressed. Not only did my friend and I feel uncomfortable as single girls in a crowd of ‘loved up’ couples but the performances were not particularly great!
I must say I’m becoming a connoisseur at concerts and love the whole buzzing vibe and atmosphere that I’ve got from seeing Mr Hudson, Beyonce, Jay Z, Plan B, Rhianna to name a few but this one was……hmmmmm lemme think of a nice word ‘dead’! Keith Sweat did a whole load of humping and grinding on stage which for a man of his age shows great vitality but to a young female of my age, it was just cringe worthy! Joe on the other hand was far better, having a stronger voice and presence on stage than Keith did but again, these are major US artists, people who I’ve grown up listening to with my mum, cousins, aunts & uncles, songs that I could sing the lyrics before I knew how to multiply sums….truly disappointing….
The fun flip side….my friend Melisa and I had a few jokes, flirted and skipped our way home on the tube! lol Fun times! xoxo


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