VB’s Collection

Hello World!

Welcome to my new blog! I’ve got som much to tell you all! With LDN & NYC Fashion week going on, its buzzing everywhere i go! Wait! I’m buzzing too!

So first of all i have to apologise to Mrs VB, as I absolutely LOVE her!!!!!

Victoria Beckham! What can i say which hasnt already been said? hmmmm….Shes a fab icon, role model, the lot! And I saw little snippet of her recent collection online and honestly I wasnt imperessed! Im an absoluite sucker for shift dresses and the ones i saw just werent cutting it…I’m not sure if it was the fabric or the way they were cut but they werent doing it. For crying out loud Clo, the woman knows how to dress, I should have really thought about it before posting the comment on my facebook page
because she looks fab on every occasion and keeps her family looking top notch too…so once again sorry VB for the lack of faith I initially had, because when I saw this bad boy and fell in love straight away! No one does dresses like VB! I’m so glad she took the plung into the fashion industry! She’s definitely one to keep an eye on cos’ shes going to rocket….you heard it here first on Clo Clo’s Closet!

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