06 November 2017

Another #allredeverything #OOTD

But you'll never guess where it's from!

I was super surprised when I was invited to this brand's press day at the clothing they were offering for #AW17 mainly because I simply don't shop here. 

Test Photos by Anusha Sundar

Not because I'm too good for it but because it simply does not suit my shape and the lack of consistency in sizing and quality often drives me insane. But when I saw this power suit, I just had to.

This two piece, of absolute gorgeousness is from Primark people! You heard it here first!

Stay tuned for more of my finds this winter.

CP xo


  1. Oh, I need this! But I honestly don't know where my nearest Primark is ...

    C x

    1. You have to schedule London trips every season or send me your orders lol x


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