15 September 2017

Restaurants of Kensington, London; In Review

Let me start this post by telling you that, I love food! 

It really doesn't take a genius to know that after taking one look at my curvaceous figure, that I adore food and being able to taste test some of London's newest and finest cuisine's is something I do really well! 

However what you wont know, is that I am one of the most fussiest people on earth in terms of food! For this reason, I sometimes find it really daunting visiting somewhere new especially without looking at a menu but today, I'm really excited to share with you a few hot spots I have discovered in the High Street Kensington area of London. 

Recently, I've been venturing over to South/ West quite a bit, and these three joints are fast becoming my faves!

Whole Foods Market 

I think it's really important to embrace the whole organic food and substance culture and being a fan of Whole Foods (my local store is the medium sized Stoke Newington branch) I was delighted to visit the humongous South Kensington store which reminds me of the California branches - Massive with so much fresh goodness which is also appealing on the eye. What I love about this store is it's amazing displays (check the Valentine's display above, found in the front of the store) and the building's architecture which seems really decadent and beautiful. My boyfriend and I literally had to hold ourselves back so to not spend so much in-store - there is always so many goodies...some really tasty, guilty pleasures and other finds are just magical if not slightly crazy. Yesterday I spotted protein heavy dried bugs...umm hmm....just plain crazy!

Bone Daddies

A few weeks ago, I was invited to an exclusive, food industry night at the new Bone Daddies restaurant, Kensington for an evening of rock, roll'n'ramen - which couldn't have been proposed at a better time. Off I went to Kensington on a cold weekday evening to the Bone Daddies restaurant - a fusion of Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine, located in the upstairs section of Kensington's enormous Whole Foods Market store. There I was met by a number of extremely friendly waiters & waitresses who led me to the bar where I eagerly tried the delicious carrot based & whisky blended cocktail named, which almost instantly served me a kick. I cannot tell you how surprised I was at how tasty this drink was - and although served cold, it warmed my cockles nicely before I was offered a seat along with my partner and brought over the first dish of the night, pork Gyoza (japanese dumplings) in amazing timing and fashion. (Update: This no longer seems to be on the menu but I'm sure if you ask nicely... you know!)

Next on my tasty review menu was the highly anticipated Curry Ramen which I can honestly say was mind blowing! Each piece of the curried chicken was lightly fried and cooked to total perfection! Alongside this, the Curry Ramen dish was mouthwateringly hot, served with fresh vegetable ingredients and an even bigger punch than the cocktail did. What I love about the Bone Daddies Curry Ramen is that it is literally such a simple dish but cooked and presented so well! The portion wasn't huge but nevertheless it somehow knocked me and my guest for six! My only criticism on this dish was for the beautiful pieces of meat to have been served in smaller chunks, as I found it difficult picking these out with chopsticks. I also loved the spicy green peppers added to dish. If you are fighting a cold, take a trip to Bone Daddies even if just for the Curry Ramen - I swear it will cure any remaining signs of winter and winter blues in a flash! 

Without even realizing, our attentive waiter proceeded to entice us with even more food (which at this point, I thought was impossible and could become a waste) however I was pleasantly surprised by the side snack of Bean Sprouts, which were lightly fried in a gorgeous soy sauce alongside pomegranate beads. I literally have been searching my whole life for a brussels sprout recipe just like this which would excite my family over Christmas. Just looking at the dish, encourages one to try it - It wont be a regrettable experience, believe me!

The final dish of the night was Japanese inspired 

Dirty Bones x Tommi's

My Oh My! Where and how do I start on the incredible house of Dirty Tommi's?

This rather interesting & collaborative restaurant is home to Dirty Bones and Tommi's Burger - a fusion of two amazing hotspots with a simple yet captivating menu I think I've ever feasted my eyes on. I probably should get out more, but honestly this joint blew me away. 

The ambiance at Dirty Tommi's is seriously laid back cool with a delectable grown up vibe. With dim lighting and classic soul and funk playing in the background you almost feel its okay to put your feet up whilst waiting for your food to arrive. 

I visited one Sunday with an undisclosed person, who was left extremely full after trying pretty much one of everything on the menu. 

Admittedly I had heard it was good, but when I spotted the 'Dirty Mac Burger' on the menu... I thought I had died and gone to heaven - a beef patty burger topped with the house creamy mac and cheese... SNM

Cocktails & Drinks

The cocktails at Dirty Tommi's is also something to write home about! There is literally something for everyone on the cocktail menu and each drink is seriously strong but drinkable...which I like in a cocktail...don't you?


I really loved my Sticky Pork Ribs starter - the meat was cooked so well, it pretty much fell off the bone and there wasn't any excess fat in sight! Something I deem extremely important when serving ribs as a starter as it can put me off

Mains & Sides

Boozy Shakes/ Desserts

Filling but worth the try!


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