13 July 2017

Elle: The Movie Review #ElleDVD @LionsgateUK

There are fewer things to be scared in life than reality

After watching the gripping, 'feminist masterpiece' & thriller, Elle, by Paul Verhoeven & courtesy of Premiere Films, I realised that the reality of this harsh world and some of the sick people in it are scarier than anything else. To top it off, the film is French which only adds to it's mysterious allure.

The life story behind the character Elle, played by Isabelle Huppert, is definitely dark. In fact, its so dark I sat through the end of the film with my hands on my head, panting, waiting for the next move/ scene to play out. The only way I can describe the emotions I felt whilst watching this film went in this particular order - confused, more confusion, scared, petrified, extremely uncomfortable, confused again and then somewhat relived, but still uncomfortable. Many have previously described this film as a dark comedy...which doesn't do the film justice. It's damn right weird, but brilliantly weird! How can one laugh uncomfortably when watching truly awful scenes of evil? Exactly. 

Whilst I cant tell you much more, one would hope that life would get better for the blank staring, sarcastic, sarcastic  and seemingly independent Elle.

The film begins with a scene in which I can only describe as sick and demented. The film then flips back to Elle's past life, in particular, her childhood, in which her psychopath of a Father, is locked up for life behind bars for a monstrous mass murder of local children, which Elle was caught up in the midst of. She then goes on to rewrite her fate with a great job in digital animation, but daily she deals with the drama of a wimp of a son who is in a volatile (and at times hilarious relationship), the separation of her previous husband and his new life, a jealous ex-lover and someone who I will only name as 'him'

What you must know, is that although confusing and at times, down right stressful, Elle somehow manages to come out on top...not unscathed but definitely on top. She doesn't die, she survives... she is a survivor.

I guess that's the heroic conclusion of this truly fantastic film... but then who knows...

CP xo

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