26 June 2017

Positive Affirmations For Mondays #mondaysbelike


Mondays are hard...everyone knows that...

“I am full of great thoughts and positive ideas.”

I generally hate mornings, Mondays, working weekdays and going to sleep before 10pm...which is probably a source of all things I have listed which I hate.

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 "I am thankful for all that I have"

"I have all that I need to make today great"

"I am patient and calm and looking forward to today"

Dress - Hayley Hasselhoff for Elvi Clothing 

"I have unlimited potential"

I struggle most weekday mornings, not to mention Mondays so I thought... I can't honestly be the only one facing this struggle. So here are a few positive affirmations, I have been luckily advised by my close friends, family and colleagues, as well as a few more I found online, which really hit the nail on the head.

“I am full of great thoughts and positive ideas.”

“My thoughts are bright, cheerful and enthusiastic.”

“I consciously choose what I think.”

“I always choose thoughts that are most positive and beneficial to me.”

“All of my thoughts create healthiness within me.”

“I remember to think positively all day, every day.”

#BlueMonday who?


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