28 June 2017

For Girls Who Wear Black In Summer ☀️ AND What To Expect This Autumn: Top Fashion Trends #ad

Although we're not quite there yet,

when the leaves begin to fall and it gets a bit chilly outside, you need some inspiration when it comes to your outfit.

 Influenced by the excitement of an evening in the city, belted coats, fishnets and vintage-inspired fur coats are all returning to our wardrobes this season.

By following this guide, you’ll be able to make the most of autumnal-chic and glide effortlessly into the winter months without any fashion faux pas. Together with Trilogy Stores, retailers of Helene Berman, here is what to expect this autumn/winter 2017:

Outfit by Missguided Plus

The belted coat

Coats are great fashion musts when it’s cold outside, and with a belt to match you can make sure you’re kept warm. Expressing effortless sophistication, the belt adds an extra layer of depth to your coat and helps to define your waistline in a way that is flattering.

When it’s cold this autumn, leather trench coats will be a hot look. Or, if you want to go for a more classic look, try a statemented fur coat. Depending on your look, the belt can be loose or fastened depending upon your ensemble.
As well as the belted coat, wide waisted belts are also making an appearance. Try wearing them over your coat – or add them to an evening dress to help define your curves. Browns, blacks and reds are colours that aren’t only popular, but help you to channel the natural colours of the season.

A style that suits

The female suit trend is set to go global by September, so it’s probably a good idea that you know about it now. Not only does it keep you warm during the colder months, it also produces a look that is powerful.
It should be composed of pressed double-breasted jackets and elegantly composed slacks; together with pronounced shoulders and shoulder-width trousers, the suit helps to reappropriate a masculine look for the female fashion-forward. Don’t worry, this isn’t a return of the 80s; it’s power-dressing in 2017.

Intense blues

Dusky and modest blues work perfectly when the weather becomes cooler. Labelled as the new ‘it’ colour, the moody notes incorporated by dark blues within an outfit can really make a lasting impression.
With slim-fitting grey trousers, why not try a fitted blue shirt for something that is subtle yet composed? Or, to create contrasts with the environment surrounding you, try a brighter blue mac to wear over your outfit.

Jackets made of nylon

Transitioning perfectly between the day and the night, the nylon jacket is perfect for those who want something versatile with a bit of added flare for those cold, dark nights. Without fear of any wrinkles, this type of coat is similar to a mac, and can be packed away in your suitcase to take to any event without any hassle.

Photos by Kaye Ford

Wear on an evening with a pair of high boots or heels; alternatively – why not wear with a pair of pumps if you’re feeling casual? Blacks, browns, nudes and greens are all in this autumn – so wear subtle colours underneath to pull off a look that’s striking without having to make the effort.

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