20 February 2017

Top 2017 Freebie Websites

Top 2017 Freebie Websites

Stating that freebies are something that allures everyone would not be incorrect. When you are not required to pay for something, you get this jovial feeling which is hard to express. Especially when what you get is something that you really need. Sometimes however, things can really backfire when you exchange personal information with companies.

This is why, regardless of how tempting it may be to enter every giveaway, it is important to be careful when it comes to sharing details that are confidential on a site, for example phone number, email, residence, credit card number, etc. Unfortunately, many freebie websites for spam their users or are just full of advertisements, this however does not mean you have to stop loving those free items.

In this article we will share the best freebie sites where just about anything can be secured for free, such as coupons, samples, discounts, etc. They are not listed in any particular order, but here are the top five freebie sites for the year 2017. I hope that you are able to achieve your freebie dream with these renowned sites.

1. Reddit.com (r/FreebiesUK) 
Mainly Reddit is a web content rating, social news aggregation and discussion website. Its subreddit freebie offers new products on a daily basis. You can choose freebies from not only physical items such as coupons, but also digital items such as e-books, software, etc. It is important to find the freebies that are available in your area because most of them are location specific.

This UK based freebie site offers various products; these include discount vouchers, free items and of course free competitions you can participate in. On top of that, their blog offers you tips on how you are able to save money on various items. You can join free of cost and get new and the very best deals every day.

One of the best freebie websites available Freecycle, even though the way they work differs from the usual sites. When it comes to Freecycle, the freebies are items that people, much like you are disposing of. Most of the stuff being offered is second hand, however every once in a while there is something offered completely free of charge.

Another thing that differs from other freebie sites is that you could possibly find something substantial such as a baby cot, sofa, TV or washing machine almost on a daily basis, as opposed to a simple sample. Originally Freecycle was set up to avoid items from ending up in landfill site, therefore cutting back on waste. Now however there are over five million members in over eighty five countries.
There is no charge for signing up or using the site, and since there are so many members, you could even end up furnishing an entire home. If you are a student about to embark out on your own, this could be great news.

The freebie section on Gumtree is very much like Freecycle, meaning that the general public uploads items they wish to get rid of. As could be expected, there is plenty rubbish, however many times you can get your hands on some great items. For instance, we have seen a free vintage typewriter, trampoline and even a dishwasher on the site, all in a single day.

Although you are able to make your location very specific, by not being flexible to travel and pick up items, you could be missing out on some really great stuff. It is important to regularly browse the site as items do tend to sell pretty fast. However if there is something in particular that you really want, you can also place an advert in which you explain what it is you are looking for. You never know, someone may have what you need.

Your one stop shop on the internet for not only freebies, but also competitions and vouchers is Hot UK Deals.

Since 2004, Hot UK Deals has been up and running. It has not cost to register and anyone who wants to join is welcome to. They provide you with the top ten hottest deals, request for specific product deals, and fun competitions around the web. It is definitely worth checking out.


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