16 February 2017

Make a Change with M&Co

As pledges go, this one is a life-changer!

This year went off to a good start. I purchased a gym membership, tested out a few new fitness classes but in the run up to Valentines, I found myself missing gym sessions and generally avoiding fitness at most costs and more embarrassingly, making excuses for why I wasn't working my butt off.

But a friendly reminder from my friends at M&Co not only got me down to the gym but they challenged me to make a pledge - one that will last the rest of 2017 and you know how much I can't resist a challenge, don't you. 

My pledge to the M&Co #MakeAChange Campaign is to live, eat and up my fitness consciously, which basically means being more aware of my live, characteristics, food intake and healthy/ positive changes to my workout routine, aka just trying and most importantly, just doing something about these aspects of my lifestyle.

Having launched a brand new fitness range called Training Zone and M&Co are asking staff, customers, friends of M&Co to make a pledge to last the whole year and make a healthy change for the better.

Training Zone, exclusive to M&Co, offers more than fitness clothes; the collection is a lifestyle range that caters to day to day life, in and outside of the gym. Training Zone is designed for people who want to ‘Make a Change’ in their lives by being a little bit more active. This collection combines functionality with comfort and style using stretchy jersey materials giving a light-weight feel. The range offers a 'mix & match' feel in both the men's and women's ranges.

Being physically active is more than just running and going to the gym it can include everyday tasks such as housework, gardening, or walking the dog. M&Co's 'Make a Change' challenge is in conjunction with Cancer Research UK and highlights the importance of incorporating some form of physical activity into our busy lives. Throughout the year, M&Co will provide an engaging platform to increase motivation, encouraging staff and customers to lead a more active lifestyle. 

Leading a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be a big change; small changes can make a big difference. It's never too late to ‘Make a Change’!

Training Zone is available now in stores and online at www.mandco.com Available in sizes 8-18 for women and from small to extra-large for men with prices for clothing starting from £14.


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