13 February 2017

*Leather Forever* Putting The Power Back Into A Leather Trouser Suit (PS It's Not As Scary As It Sounds!)

What to buy now? 

It's a question that I most definitely ask my self on daily/monthly/hourly basis.

Have you ever thought about rocking leather on leather for the ultimate power suit and statement?

Determined not to keep on spending (although I love to!) I discovered a new way to rework some of my most loved and recently purchased leather for a hard hitting outfit post. But this is definitely one I will wear and wear as much as I possibly can.

Breathe new life into your black leather trousers by way of a leather biker jacket and velvet crush heels, or this season's must have trainer. Accessorise or simply play around with accessories like jewellery, hats or even with a crossbody bag for a pulled-together result which will have you turning heads... in a great way!


Want to try this look yourself? I want to hear your thoughts!

CP xo



  1. I'm speechless.... what a wonderful look! Love all leather! :-)

  2. Oh you delightful thing - I love this!

    C xx


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