02 February 2017

How To Wear The @Crocs_UK Clog #70sFashion @CrocsEU

Rise from the fashion archive ashes all mighty clogs!

Remember when clogs were an actual 'thing'? Like a proper fashion trend? 

My earliest memory of clogs was walking into my local Ravels (yes Ravels) and seeing a beautiful rainbow range of clogs and I wanted every single colour. Of course my Mum brushed off my idea without even a wince of regret, as I was meant to be shopping for new term shoes.This was when I was in Primary school.

Crocs has now made a stylish comeback with the likes of It-brands like Gucci and Parisian Shoe Designers, Robert Clergerie and Amelie Pichard

Gucci even dedicated a few spaces in their much loved and coveted 2016 collections for the shoe style, showing complete power to the 70's trend, but there is a catch! 

You have to know how to wear the 70s trend and wear it well!

The only way to do this, is to experiment and doing so using a lot of denim and wardrobe essentials like blouses and shirts. Also try to keep with a colour palette instead of going crazy with colour, this could have major side effects for your fashion cred.

The origin of wooden footwear in Europe is not precisely known. However, there is a possibility that the Celtic and Germanic peoples from Southern- and Northern Europe were familiar with some sort of wooden foot covering. Wooden footwear often, because of its nature, wood will rot away in the long run.  

And now I have my very own pair of modern day and fashion history, which as you can see, I've styled in a very smart x casually urban-centric way.

Teaming with this seasons much loved Teddy Coat (I've always wanted one of these too) I think I pulled off the look well. Don't you think?

Considering the teddy coat and clogs are both brand new, I found the perfect way to team them without hitting a shop, online or in-store. With my much loved ASOS Jumpsuit.

Shop the look below

Would you dare to wear clogs (again)?

I'd also love to know your earliest memory of the clog. 
Please share below.

CP xo


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