21 December 2016

What makes your family special? #FamilyMadeSimple @SlaterGordonUK #ad

What would you do without your family over Christmas?

I have experienced a Christmas away from family and it was extremely miserable! Considering I was surrounded by many other people, the fact that I wasn't with my family but instead, everyone else's, the effect it had on me was so profound, I never wish to experience that feeling of 'loss' ever again.

Reflecting on that time, I have teamed up with Slater and Gordon to open the discussion and gather your thoughts on the importance of family and what your family means to you.

 With 8.9 million families just here in the UK and Christmas coming up shortly, Slater & Gordon Solicitors recognised that now is the ideal time to be thinking about what makes a family and why we need to remember to make time to spend with our loved ones.

I have thought long and hard for four highlighted reasons why I love my family so much and how much they mean to me, and I came up with this...

1. They have taught me everything I know
I wouldn't have half of the wonderful traits (and some not so positive qualities) without my family. They are the first people to teach me how to love, what love is, how to be strong, social and how important it is to be truthful. These are qualities I admire in myself and I have them to thank for it.

2. They are my strength and guidance in rough times
Although I am not big on sharing and have quite a guarded personality, there are a few people in my family who I can trust with my deepest darkest fears and secrets who will also give me the

3. My source of happiness and are happy for me
Seeing some of my most loved family members and seeing them smile and be genuinely happy, is one of the greatest feelings I have ever felt before. This in turn makes me feel great and the only way I can describe this as feeling 'on top of the world'. Equally, there is no one who quite pushes me like my family and friends. My Gran has to be my number one fan and many of the positive and career orientated things I do now are for her to be proud of me, even though I know she is already. Her opinion overrides anyone else's in my life and I cherish every moment I get to spend with her.

4. The power of real love & acceptance
Sometimes, it takes a crisis to realise how much your family mean to you, and the values that being raised in a family installs in you. Memories of these occasions and lessons will constantly arise in everyday life and will make you proud to be who you are and of who your family is. 

Tell me what makes your family special and why spending time with them is important below.

It's a love-in.

CP xo

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