28 December 2016

The Puffa x The Stirrup Leggings - Meet The REAL London Girls Style @WhoWhatWearUK

How do you keep it sexy when its below zero degrees?

It's no easy feat by any means, but I may have found the answer, in the revivial of the 80's trend of rocking Stirrup Leggings with a 90's favourite, the Puffa.

As these two trends collide, I admit that I feel very much like a Spice Girl 'wannabe' but I am loving the versitity, effortless and sexiness of this outfit! 

Another realisation I had when I shot and wore this look on a very freezing winter's day, is that this is the face and look of a real London Girl. I am sick of magazine's and their online blogger like sites & journalists reporting what a REAL London Girl's Style is, when in fact they are referencing top bloggers, fashion 

Anyway, to all the REAL London Girls and Fashion Editor's ignoring our input into street style, turn up the heat, as I have done here!

                                          Photos by Kaye Ford Photography


  1. Yaaaaaaas, loving that Puffa coat! It's so different than the ones I've been seeing all over Twitter, might have to get myself one! x

    1. Thanks for stopping by hun! So glad you like this post, I couldn't save it till 2017 it was that good! I hope you can still find this jacket as it's such a hero investment and purchase! Best of luck! CP xo


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