23 December 2016

MY FIRST EVER VLOG! Christmas Gift Wrapping Made Easy Tutorial Feat. .@CardFactoryUK #FIRSTVLOG

OMG YOU GUYS! I did it! I made my first ever vlog

exactly a year now, from when I was originally meant to publish the channel.

Whilst it's not perfect, and the fact of the matter is, I'm rather late to the game, I am still learning and I am so bloody excited! I still cant believe I edited it myself without having to look online for pointers!

Any vloggers who don't mind sharing tips, please do! I'm super new to this game and want to learn as much as possible!

The vlog subject is 'Christmas Gift Wrapping Made Easy' and I hope this Tutorial helps all of you still struggling with wrapping gifts and all the procrastinators. Next time I will publish videos in advance but remember, all my videos will be bitesized and easily consumed within 5 minutes or less unless stated otherwise.

Would love to know what you think! Drop me a comment below.

CP xo

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