10 September 2016

Watersport's just got it's sexy back! I #TestDrive the .@BRPSeaDoo @BRP_UK

That's right! Watersport's just got it's sexy back...

I discovered that after a fear bending ride, along the open sea of Brighton with the Sea-Doo & the Sussex Marine Water Sports team who are based beside the quarry near the much loved, Brighton & Hove.

This may seem unusual but I accepted the offer to test out the new range of Sea-Doo bikes, mainly becuase I have yet to ride a jet ski and ahead of my Winter Sun holiday this year, I thought it might be worth getting used to the water ride before making a complete fool of myself in front of friends during the holiday, however I was not prepared for the amount of speed this baby had.

Watch the video of me riding the Sea-Doo here

If you are a lover of speed, you'd be interested to know that the bike/ watercraft, I was splitting waves with was the BPR SEA-DOO Spark - a Watercraft powered by the natural aspirated Rotax 900 advanced combustion efficiency (ACE), a three-cylinder engine bike designed to be an agile, flexible and fun! Most importantly, this watercraft is suitable for all users whether they are novices or dedicated watercraft enthusiasts.

BPR is the world leader in motorised, powersport and propulsion vehicles, which manufactures the SEA-DOO personal watercraft (PWC) line-up

Instructed by the marvellous Sussex Marine Water Sports team, I hoped on to the model with the help of one of their crazy riders, Marcel.

The ride itself was absolutely thrilling and the sites were indescribable. I fully expect to be hoping on a jet ski this winter with full confidence.

And for your added pleasure and giggles, here are a few videos of me messing around in a wet suit because I love the way they fit! I'm obsessed! Forget body-cons, it's all about 'The Wetsuit'



Watersport's just got it's sexy back!

CP xo

Photos & Youtube video by Erika Szostak 

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  1. Post looks great - was a pleasure to work with you on this, Chloe!


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