03 September 2016

The Hater's Guide to Pulling Off Pink with @anna_scholz

Love or hate it...the colour pink has made serious waves in fashion this year.

Some could even say it's predominately the colour of 2016, but of course, that's always going to be debatable.
I have learn to love the colour, especially when I step into this Ponte Jersey skirt by Plus Size Designer Anna Scholz.

Tshirt: Monki / Skirt: Anna Scholz / Heels: Zara (old)

Whilst this isn't the most glamourous nor daring outfit I have ever styled together, it is by far, the comfiest and is perfect for any occasion! Work to bar or formal event to gig. The key is in the styling.

The Hater's Guide to Pulling Off Pink

Like me, you can team with a simple but beautifully made white T-shirt for a casual yet clean and fresh look.

Pair with menswear - In simpler terms, throw on a blazer or leather moto jacket for that extra sense of 'cool'

My last suggestion to help you in pulling off pink, try going sporty! Add a layer of sportwear like a Champion or Supreme Hoody or Trainers but make sure the fit is on the tighter side as it could look kinda crazy...worst case scenario of course!

Like this guide? Have some of your own tips to fight off the hater-ism of wearing pink? Let me know below.

CP xo


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