14 August 2016

#BlackLivesMatter - Mixing Fashion & Politics ft @ELVIclothing

No matter what is going on in the world and my personal life, I cannot stop thinking about the innocent lives taken simply because of one's colour of their skin.

The #BlackLivesMatter means so much to me, obviously, that I cannot and will not stop speaking out on this, no matter how invalid or irrelevant my voice/opinion may be.

Systematic racism is true and it's still alive no matter how you want to look at it or indeed not look & avoid it. 

There are a whole bunch of awful things that happen in this world, daily and no matter how you may wish to ignore it, it will still be there.

If there is something you believe in or are disgusted by, in terms of the way human beings treat each other for pathetic reasons whether that be down to colour, size, gender, followings/ popularity, speak up! Don't let it go unnoticed! We all have a voice and it's time we stand up for each other and stand together in the face of these atrocities!

You may wonder why I have decided to mix fashion & politics in a post... and the reasons are simply to make my voice heard. I'm tired of people shying away from the subject, so very sneakily I have lured you in.

Plus it was the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag and recent events which inspired me to even shoot this outfit. For once, I am publicly using my outlet as a way of helping my readers to be more aware. I hope!

Want your voice heard, let me know below whilst you enjoy another visual styling lookbook, from me, wearing this Elvi outfit. All items are by Elvi Clothing.

CP xo

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