19 August 2016

5 Things I Learnt About Caring .@BetterlifeTweet

Never have I written a post so close to my heart or the struggles I don't openly talk about or promote on my social media. 

At times, I have really wanted to, but my perception of society and my blog readers were that they wouldn't want to hear about this type of subject, as if it was such a negative topic or a 'downer'. 

Unfortunately for many, like myself, caring for a relative with a disability, is a reality. One which amongst other things has impacted my life greatly... for better and for worse, and as much as these individuals are blessings who teach us more about compassion and strength, than anyone intellectual could possibly put into words, it can be tough to live with, everyday.

 I know all too well about these kinds of struggles, so today, I am proudly teaming up with Betterlife from Lloyds Pharmacy on a '5 Things I Learnt About Caring' post and guide for those who may actually need it. You are not alone!

 Betterlife from Lloyds Pharmacy are all about helping people understand the options that are available to them, in terms of products which can help them stay mobile and independent.


Betterlife have found that a lot of people don’t want to admit they need help, especially at the beginning of old age, or when they are struggling to conceal medical issues which can often bring on stress and depression. In the end, it’s often down to their carers, friends and/or relatives, who will be going out to seek for products and things that might help.

I love giving back, so here are my very own tips and guide to learning how to care for vulnerable people, in my very own words and I hope they can be of use to all of you!

CP xo

5 Things I Learnt About Caring
With the help of my younger Brother, Ashley (above)

Patience and Mindfulness Is A Virtue
As virtues go, patience is a quiet one.
It’s often exhibited behind closed doors, not on a public stage. It can rarely be taught but is instead something an individual is either born with as a quality or learns at some point in their life. I am yet to master the art of patience however with support, I learn mindfulness and how to incorporate it in everyday life. You can really underestimate the importance of this and how it wonders.

Patience is essential to daily life, and might be key to a happy one. Having patience means being able to wait calmly in the face of frustration or adversity, so anywhere there is frustration or adversity, we have the opportunity to practice it. Patience can make the difference between annoyance and equanimity, between worry and tranquility and a huge difference to someone with a medical disability who needs to explain how they are feeling and make the bigger picture clearer.


How can you possibly help someone with a medical condition without finding out what it is and what to expect? I have met many people who think 'ignorance is bliss' and that they really don't need to be aware of what someone else is going through. I guess that makes sense until that person is you or someone else that you care for.

That uneducated and selfish attitude is what keeps people with disabilities and serious medical conditions apart and out of view from the general public/ society. With education, people become less scared and judgmental and instead understanding which then makes lives better for those who need a little more support than others. Go online, and tap into Google an illness which you've never looked into previously, find out the causes, symptoms and most importantly cures and holistic ways to tackle these issues.  

Get Out...And About

Getting out and about for everyday tasks may seem like an easy or possibly irrelevant choice of idea to offer but giving both yourself and the person who needs your care, fresh air and responsibility/ independence is a remarkable and relatively easy step to take.

Popping to the shops for a pint of milk, going on the hunt for a family birthday present or dropping into the bank, going to the shops is an important part of staying active. Completing such tasks can be an exceptional challenge for those who struggle with mobility so plan around this and even recommend a mobility scooter. These can be a good solution to reduce strain and ensure users get to their destination comfortably. Check out the full range from Betterlife here.

Adapt or Build The Living Space & Community
Support your elders in adapting their home

As people grow older their home needs to adapt to ensure it remains safe and accessible. Indeed, one thing you will often hear older people say is that they don’t want to move into a care home and independence can be prolonged with clever technology and living solutions. For example, specialised adjustable beds, jar openers and big button telephones can do wonders for keeping people independent in their own home. Try visiting the Betterlife website for at home living solutions: http://www.betterlifehealthcare.com/

Never Be Afraid To Ask For Help

I have seen many people crush themselves by just failing to say "I am finding this difficult" and "I need help"

No one, absolutely no one, not even myself am strong enough to hold everything up, myself and all the time. We are human beings who thrive on interactions from others, so next time you feel as if you are caving into the pressure, do not underestimate the wonders of what talking to someone can do. 

This can be friends or family, but we must also understand that not everyone has the mental capacity to understand or even cope with sensitive subjects, so get a professional person to speak to, whether that be a doctor, care-worker, nurse or therapist. I have found that Mind have helped me out enormously in the past and that it's no quick fix. The best results come from consistent sessions.

If you enjoyed this post or have any tips for caring for the vulnerable, please leave a message below. Sharing is caring.

CP xo



  1. As a carer who also works full time supporting vulnerable people Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and returning home to continue care duties, I feel I need a platform to shout at the roof top that I need support to make sure all is well, dreams, goals & positive outcomes can and will be accomplished for my love one, so that society will accept him inclusively regardless of his disability.


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