19 July 2016

My Favourite Flowers of Summer 2016 .@DobiesOfDevon #blooms #lifestyle

Usually, us fashionistas only care about flower crowns whether real (aka Coachella) or virtual (see the latest Snapchat filters) but who knows, maybe I'm getting a little old(er) but I have taken a real interest in the beauty of natural flowers.

It helps passing the stunning bouquets of Liberty London during Blog errands and running from shoot to shop! Plus everyone is decorating their events with delightful blooms now and I'm forever taking pics of them too!

I might be taking my love of blooms a little too far, but I'm even considering joining a Dobies Gardening group or Society. Maybe I'll find some new flowers pals with an interest in high end fashion too, and start creating my very own Garden club complete with bespoke seed collecting... who knows.

Anyway, here is a run down of some of my most favourite flowers and plants which I hope you'll love too! 

Here are a list of Flowers to grow this month which would also double up as a great gift idea for those with Birthday's in July/ August.

CP xo



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