24 June 2016

🍴 Step into summer at @PizzaExpress Summer Menu - Review #fdbloggers 🍴

Step into Summer with the new Summer Menu at PizzaExpress!

I was recently invited to discover Pizza Express' new season menu, full of fresh flavours of an authentic Italian summer and extremely delicious. 

And believe me, there's plenty to explore at Pizza Express this Summer!

Usually, I tend to visit the restaurant chain with a small group of friends on a whim or when my partner and I do a cinema date night but considering Pizza Express' vast amounts of high quality and stunning venues, Summer really is the time to venture out and make Pizza Express a regular spot for dining.

For light bites with friends, I'd definitely recommend PizzaExpress' yummy Starter varieties. They have everything from a crisp and crunchy Leggera Superfood salad to this Summer's new menu addition, Gluten-Free Dough Balls which join the wide range of gluten-free & delicious dishes already available at PizzaExpress which are perfect for sharing.

And for a more indulgent celebration, or if you are just really hungry, try the Risotto Fresco after your Gluten-Free Dough Balls. 

The Risotto Fresco is a typical Italian dish filled with oak-roasted peppered salmon fillet, garlic and fresh parsley in a creamy white wine risotto, with Gran Milano cheese, chopped fresh tomato and red onion and was simply my favourite dish of the entire meal! 

The Risotto Fresco is also available as both a Starter & a Main, so do not skip giving this a try.

Pizza Express has also just added it's very own Hawaiian pizza to the menu - a first in 51 years! 

On the day, I really didn't fancy the dreaded pizza bloat, even though I was really hungry, so instead I opted for one of PizzaExpress' popular Pasta dishes - - which I washed down with the most refreshing juice I think I have ever tasted! 

The new Watermelon Chill is a refreshing juice blend of watermelon, with strawberry puree and mint. Served over ice and with a sprig of mint.


And if you dont want to stop there, or your sugar cravings are getting the better of you, I'd definitely recommend the new, and deliciously creamy Passionate Mess, a
 tropical twist on the traditional Eton mess. 

This bright & zingy passionfruit cheesecake masterpiece is
 an infused fruit cream on a crumbly biscuit base with a top of
 broken meringue pieces, served with your choice of cream, mascarpone or gelato. 

Whilst my Boyfriend thought the mascarpone complimented it nicely, I thought the added sugar from PizzaExpress' Gelato would have really rounded off the dish perfectly. 

What I love most about the Passionate Mess, is that it adds a new dimension to traditional Italian Desserts and if nothing else, for it's vibrant colour, which pops out from PizzaExpress' famous marble table tops.

Fancy indulging in PizzaExpress' new Summer three course meal? Let me know what you fancy below!

CP xo


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