22 June 2016

CLAW @ClawFood launches at @thehatandtunpub

I was so worried that I'd miss the CLAW Launch at The Three Compasses, which was right on my doorstep, at The Three Compasses, Dalston as I was on holiday, but luckily I managed to snag myself a reservation in the street food vendor's new Pop Up home at The Hat & Tun Pub. 

CLAW is a humble little piece of Devon, brought to London by Founder & Food-preneur 2015 winner Fabian Clark.

 Brunch @ CLAW

Now, until the end of June 2016, CLAW will be serving a brand new menu, in a brand new home, The Hat & Tun, between the 15th – 17th June and 22nd – 24th June 2016, in the hopes of further bringing the humble crab back to British plates. 

Not sure about crab? Rest assured CLAW only supplies traceable and sustainable crabs all sourced from Start Bayin Devon, whilst their breads come baked fresh from Celtic Bakery, cheese sourced from Neal’s Yard Dairy and the best vegetables arrive direct from Borough Market. Only the best for us Londoners, bred or otherwise.

If you are lucky to head down to Claw you've got to tell me how the burgers are, as I missed this! 

But fear not, there are loads more bespoke crab dishes & seafood delights to try on CLAW's new menu which features both unique twists on the average Burgers & Mac & Cheese. You'll love them, I'm sure!

Fancy trying CLAW for lunch or supper? Check out their new menu for The Hat & Tun Pub below and let me know what you'll order.

CP xo

Feeling crabby? CLAW Pop-Up At The Hat And Tun will be serving:

CLAW Burger
Devonshire crab burger topped with samphire slaw and lemon aioli in a brioche bun

Steak & Verde
Sliced sirloin, topped with tangy salsa verde in a brioche bun

Kimchi fried softshell crabs

Macaroni & Cheese
Mac & cheese made with emmental, aged cheddar and parmesan
-        Infused with Devonshire crab
-        Smoked pancetta
-        Super food veggie

Bites & Sides
-        Tempura asparagus & anchovy aioli
-        Cockle popcorn


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