22 June 2016

Chocolate Making Masterclass with .@Rococochocs & .@PureGrenada

What could possibly brighten your Tuesday evening more than an offer of free Grenadian chocolate, which you would hand make yourself, Rum cocktails & the possibility of a 2017 Press Trip to Grenada?

It really doesn't even require a serious answer in my opinion, because the answer is quite obviously YES YES YES, and said multiple times... non-stop!

Courtesy of my growing blog, which I hope you are really enjoying of late, I was invited to discover an evening of what can only be described as pure luxury!

Rococo Chocolates is an award-winning luxury chocolate store filled with handmade chocolate & bespoke chocolate gifts which can be delivered right across the UK and has been doing so since 1983.

Rococo Founder & Chocolatier, Chantal Coady OBE kindly lead myself and a small group of high profile writers & bloggers into an exquisite masterclass of hand made truffles and chocolates using true Grenadian cocoa ingredients. 

As I said the evening was truly sublime and included a fair bit of networking with some of the best Grenadian Hoteliers and Tourism Representatives, like the CEO of Grenada Tourism Authority Rudy Grant,& Magdalena Fielden, Founder of the increasingly successful Grenada Chocolate Festival who were all delightful and extremely informative on how wonderful a destination Grenada is, along with their growing agriculture which makes the country a haven for luxury products you simply cannot find, at such a quality, anywhere else. 

Luckily for Grenada, Rococco Chocolates work increasingly hard to educate their Western customer's on how amazing Grenadian produce is and how you can get the best out of Grenadian chocolate with a fine mixture of Rum, Chocolate and Cheese tastings. Believe me, it was spellbinding. 

Grenada chocolate is renowned as some of the best and purest in the world, with a tradition of tree to bar production on island - as well as a reputation for fair pay and fair prices. 

Visiting cocoa plantations to follow the cocoa journey is one of the main reasons for visiting the Caribbean island of Grenada. Unfortunately, I am yet to visit the Island but I can say for sure, it wont be long until I do!

Fancy visiting Grenada and experiencing 'The Spice Of The Caribbean' yourself? Here are some accommodation recommendations I have researched for you...

True Blue Bay 

Sandals Grenada - The Italian Village 

Mount Edgecombe Plantation

Have you visited Grenada before? Let me know in a comment below.

CP xo



  1. I have indeed been to Grenada for the 2016 Chocolate Fest and loved it! You will find several posts about Grenada on my site already and there are more to come! Please subscribe and share your thoughts at http://chocolatour.net. And enjoy the next year dreaming about your upcoming trip to paradise!

  2. Hi Doreen,
    Thanks for sharing your site and Grenada content. I very much wish to go even more now! Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to follow & subscribe to my site too!

    CP xo

  3. My word, Miss Pierre! I take my eye off you for one decade and you're still as naughty as ever with your chocolates, alcohol and holidays. I wonder how many Saturday detentions you should be doing for these. You owe me a fortune in hair dye as you were personally responsible for starting the greying process. Great to see you are doing so well and you look gorgeous!
    Paula Randerson ( but you can call me Miss)

  4. My, my, Miss Pierre! I leave you alone for over a decade and you are still just as naughty as ever, tempting people into buying chocolate, alcohol and exotic holidays. I wonder how many Saturday detentions that would have got you. Btw you owe me a fortune in hair dyes as your antics started my greying process. Great to see you doing so well and looking so happy and gorgeous.
    Paula Randerson (but you can call me Miss) xx

  5. My word, you have given me quite the shock Miss Randerson! I am both ecstatic and also cringing that you have found my blog! I definitely owe you a lot! You was wonderful! Thank you for somehow managing to put up with me! I'd love to see you again and buy you a coffee as thanks. x


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