06 May 2016

5 Ways to Make Your Casual Summer Outfits More Polished with @113sowhat

I know I keep talking about Spring/Summer, Summer Fashion and you might now be tired of seeing all of my OOTD's (and I'm sorry if you are), but that's because I love dressing for this weather,
just as much as I love wrapping up in a cozy winter coat when the weather hits 'mildly cold' temperatures.

One practicality and essential for me during the Summer is to make sure that I am comfortable at all times! And as many of you will know from personal experience, this is no easy task! Especially when you throw in work, parties, after work events and other somewhat formal engagements. That's why I love Summer casual wear - so easy, so cool, so wearable! 

So after chatting with one of my all time favourite Plus Size brands this year, One One Three, I decided to bring you a post, not only of an exact match to what I usually wear on casual day, which isn't often reflected in my OOTD posts, but also a guide to help you make sure that whilst you are casual and comfortable, but also that you are more polished too!
At. All. Times.

These are just five of the many tips and tricks I have learned from my West Indian family & culture - I don't have to go into why Caribbean's are one of the most underrated, stylish dressers of all time do I? Good...because you know all about that already.

So here they are...

5 Ways to Make Your Casual Summer Outfits More Polished! 

Always make sure your hair is on fleek
Your clothes can be casual but casual hair wont ever be a 'good look'

This Often Goes For Nails Too
Nail art is not necessary, but a great gel manicure is almost, very necessary. Sometimes I skip this step because I am a serial nail chipper & picker, but I do love a fresh lacquer on my nails.

A Simple Outfit Formula Is Always The Best Option
For example, a crisp tee, jeans (which ever are current your favourites) and then match with minimal jewellery and then a statement jacket, like this Camo Jacket from One One Three.

Keep Make-Up Simple But Fresh
Has a red lip ever hurt anyone? Maybe but we still like a classic red lip for any situation!

Lastly, Team With Comfortable Heeled Shoes
My choice of shoe was a sandal but it is Summer...and can you deny this looks like a pretty cool, casual outfit?

Lips - Sephora / Lace Top - Primark (similar here) / Jeans - ASOS / Jacket - One One Three / 
Heels - Zara (similar here)

Did you like my tips and outfit choices? 

Do you have some of your own tips for making a casual summer outfit look more polished? 

Let me know below. 

CP xo


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