15 February 2016

The @cosmo_fragrance Scent Debut & REVIEW

It's not everyday, one of your favourite publishers releases their very own debut signature scent...

And it's not very often that being such a huge fan of a brand, ultimately gets you the opportunity to review it's brand new product first! But today my dear's, this wonderful opportunity has fallen straight into my lap, and just like the blooming scents in this bottle, I am bursting to tell you all about Cosmo - The Fragrance!

It all started with this article, in which I entered to 'Be The Face of Cosmopolitan UK's Fragrance ' but of course, I was never going to win that! On the upside, I was sent the gorgeous fragrance which I am loving! 

The packaging is just delectable - I love the removable and adjustable boy which conveniently attached itself to my mobile this morning. And the bottle! For a high street brand, the bottle is cut extremely beautifully, with a cute ombre glow design and thick glass packaging. It will look stunning on my dressing table. 

Now the most appealing and exciting feature of the Cosmopolitan UK fragrance, is its actual scent. Comparing it to the popular Britney Spears scent (I mean that as a compliment of course, I loved that perfume!), the Cosmopolitan UK captures the sweet, sparkling top notes that rings well with every young women between the ages of 13 & 24 years old. With hints of mandarin & red berries, the scent then becomes quite seductive with hypnotic scents of jasmine and a shot of powdery sweetness. Some may even smell a hint of spice in the Cosmopolitan UK fragrance but for me it was oh so sweet!

Two hours later and I can still smell it lingering around my neck, perfectly emulating the Cosmopolitan woman who works hard and plays hard. I love how its string without being sickly and over powering! Think comforting vanilla - one of my favourite scents of all time! 

Cosmopolitan is now available from Boots in the EDP which is priced at £38 for the 100ml. 

Go and grab this stunning bargain now, whilst you can!

CP xo 


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