09 February 2016


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There shouldn't be any pressure to even celebrate Valentines Day, however a reason to dress up, splash a little (note: not a lot of cash) and hang out with my loved one (and if I were single, my loved ones - i.e. friends) is just too much for me - I literally cannot resist the appeal! Don't believe the hype - not all clichés are bad!

This year, not only have I planned a luscious day with my Boyfriend, simply because we can,  but I also created a Valentines Lookbook / How To Guide for the day, and enlisted the help of both some of my favourite Plus Size & travel/ luxury/ lifestyle brands, so you all can have just what you need to spend the day looking gorgeous and having as much fun as possible!



I cannot stress how important this is! Unfortunately some of us have annoying partners who cannot make their mind up easily - I've had this issue in the past, but I would recommend you push for an  answer asap and be firm and make concrete decisions. Where you'd like to go/ stay? For how long? What you want to do - i.e the movies, dinner, bowling, ice skating? Whatever it is just work it out and book ASAP! 

The perfect stay - Batty langley hotel

This stunning hotel looks like it ought to be somewhere in West London but this little gem is actually surrounded by those East London lights and ancient walls of the City Of London that I love so much - find it close to Liverpool Street station. If you know your London history, you'll recognise the name. If you aren't well versed in London's rich history, Bartholomew 'Batty' Langley (1696 – 1741) was a drawing master who published immensely popular books designed to help owners and their builders plan Georgian houses of all sizes in “the most Grand Taste”.  Even at George Washington’s Mount Vernon, Batty’s influence is to be seen all over the house.  

In this hotel too, many of the interior features owe their inspiration to his handbooks. There is such an ambiance here with the low-hanging lighting pendants and exquisitely designed, one of a kind, room decorations, you'd be a fool not to make this an entry on your Bucket List! Batty Langley's is apart of the wider Hazlitt Hotel Group which you simply cannot sleep on - Visit them now!


Robe - Rokit Vintage | Tulle Skirt - Gingham Dolls

Depending on how you spend your Valentines day, whether holed up in a stunning suite at Batty Langley's or out on the town, you might want to consider your look for the day, evening or just the event. If I was spending the night in, I'd go for a 'No MakeUp, MakeUp Look' but as I am hot-stepping across town, I plan to pay considerable attention to how I want to look - makeup, grooming and outfit wise... all included!


Teddy - BUTLERS |  Bra - Curvy Kate

I'm guessing you was thinking of the kinky kind. Unfortunately, that is down to preference however I have a few recommendations here. What I was actually referring to was cutesy Valentines props to make a room look and smell like Valentines. BUTLER are an amazing shop which sells affordable themed home decor and props which will make your Valentines set up look perfect! Check out their selection available in-store and online now. 

I can never get enough of their candles, wall garters and champagne flutes all decently priced - but what stole my heart was this 'Nobody's Perfect' Teddy - small in size but so cute and possible to keep in and around your room/ house after Valentines Day passes.


They say the way to a man's heart is food right? Well seen as I love Carluccio's I had to tell you about their latest and tasty gift arrivals for Valentines 2016. 

Spoil the ones you love with an indulgent gift from the foodshop, from the classic chocolate roses to the adorable bag of chocolate hearts and the delightful Amore pasta - I think the Bouquet of milk chocolate roses and Prosecco is a touch at just £55 and you can enjoy it for two!


My skincare is extremely important to me and I do not sacrifice it for anything except a little sun! As there isn't much around at the moment, my skincare regime is a pivotal part of getting ready - especially on Valentines. There is nothing better for a face full of makeup than a smooth and cared for face - My actual skin is my foundation, not the product kind. 

To care for my skin ahead of such an important day, I enlist the help of my trusty friend, The Magnitone London Barefaced - A Vibra-Sonic Daily Cleansing Brush which deep cleanses and tones, using electromagnetic vibrations & sonic oscillations, to give skin a 60-second workout. It energises skin and boosts micro-circulation and gives you the flawless 
pore-fection you need for Valentines!

valentines makeup

   I also believe in a low-maintenance routine which lasts max 20 minutes - if done properly. My look is usual minimal which is great for travelling with everyday - My makeup Bag consists of my favourite concealer - currently Cover FX, Bad Gal Lashes Mascara by Benefit, a range of red & vamp lipsticks - Sephora's Matte Red Stick is my fave, Brow Gel by Make Up Forever and then a compact blusher palette from Sleek Make Up's latest collection. On a glam occasion, I always reach out to my Anastasia Beverley Hills Cream contour kit for definition that lasts all night long! I must say, all of this would even last a hot room without the help of my favourite tinted, mineral primer by Make-up London Academy & an all-over face spray with Rodial Dragon's Blood Toner Spray - It's my not-so-secret weapon!

Cream Contour Kit - Anastasia Beverly Hills (Dark) |  Bra - Curvy Kate |  Gown - Nine X Lingerie


Honestly I really don't like the idea of fast fashion, nor do I like the idea of the whole gift-for-him lingerie thing. I mean, I like lingerie too! Plus it feels a little backwards to buy costume like undergarments only to use once and promptly discard! Thanks to my favourite Plus Size Lingerie Brands Dear Scantilly/ Curvy Kate & Nine X Lingerie, I have some really stunning additions to add to my drawer which will actually stand the test of time! My faves at The Coveteur put it ever so appropriately, recently — "sorry to burst the bubble guys, but no self-respecting female is wearing a ruffly bustier and garter under that sweater dress" 

    All Woman Lace Hold Ups (Size 22/28) - Big Tights  | Barefoot Sparkling Red Wine | 
BUTLERS Champagne Flutes

All Woman Lace Hold Ups (Size 22/28) - Big Tights | Robe - Nine X Lingerie |  Shoes - ASOS

I would say under any dress for that matter of fact! But one addition I would like to add to my underwear drawer are these trusty Big Tights Lace HoldUps - Now I'm not a 'hold-up' kinda gal but they little stunners are really handy, soft and actually stay up! Big Tights go the extra mile to measure your thigh width just so you have a personalised and the most perfect pair of hosiery for you!

One thing you cant ever have too much of, are silk robes, perfect for dressing up, dressing down or just getting into character with.

the cocktail dress

If you have planned a luxury occasion like going to the theatre, seeing a play/ opera, always opt for a cocktail dress. I love this one I found at Plus Size brand Studio 8 - It's heavily draped in lace and a beautiful crimson colour. I can honestly tell you, that you will feel like a million pounds when you slip into this full length, tailed hem, beauty! Such a winning, investment piece!

& if it rains...

Make sure you invest in a Love Umbrellas Umbrella - They are beautifully designed (check out the heart shaped brollies here) and actually really sturdy, so you have less of a chance having it turn inside out on you when you need it the most!

Is there anything I've missed? If so let me know below. And if this has been a handy guide/ checklist for your Valentine's Day plans this year, I'd love to hear from you too! Drop me a comment below.

CP xo


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