11 February 2016


It's very rare that I'm invited to review an iconic London restaurant, like the ones in Soho that have been around for over thirty years, which were and still are celebrity hangouts. 

On discovering Balans Soho Society in, yes you guessed it, Soho - I realised that as a born and bred Londoner, maybe this one was kept from me, and probably for good reason too, as I probably wouldn't ever leave!

The recently revamped Soho institution, Balans Soho Society is ultimately the go-to place to indulge in Soho! Take that as you will!

At Balans Soho Society, the party never stops! 

With it's super late license (Monday – Saturday: 7.30am – 6am Sunday: 7:30am – 3:30am), possible Absinthe Fountain (sssh!) and gorgeous looking/ tasting plates, you really cannot go wrong - All they need now is a hotel to be added to the location and like I said, I wouldn't ever leave - or need to for that matter!

Balans Soho Society is a café, a restaurant, a bar, a member’s establishment and definitely a place where rules are made to be broken. And it’s all done in the spirit of Soho -  where you can do things you probably shouldn’t.

Balans Soho Society's seasonally-changing menu shines a good ol', bright, light on the best local produce from the likes of Ginger Pig and H. Forman Sons and includes finger-licking good, small plates like the Charred Squid and Chorizo with fried Potatoes & Piquillo Peppers or my favourite starter, the Provoleta - baked Provolone Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes served on Sourdough Toast. Yum!

And my gosh! Their mains are just simply delicious too, and I mean that! Simple, to the point, hard hitting and juicy mains
 including The Shellfish Cow - 8 oz rib eye, grilled half 
lobster, cress, garlic butter - or The Infamous Balans Burger
 are just too good to miss. 

If you are serious about your diet, honestly, just give Balans a miss until you aren't being a food-bore, because their menu is just ridiculously good and too hard to turn a blind eye to. 

If you end up feeling that bad about eating so much (or so 

well), I'd recommend the Tuscan Kale or the Curly Kale with Chili & Ginger side. You may think your steering clear of the food abuse/ food coma, but honestly its just as good as everything else, just minus a few calories.

Balans Soho Society's indulgent desserts which include High Society Mess, which five people in my party tried to tackle and shamefully got no where near the bottom, is just an absolute beast and every sweet toothed lovers dream. 

I fell in love with the Banoffee Pie, which admittedly I could have finished, if it wasn't for the table full of starters and my main which literally felt like a knock on the head - after devouring it all, of course!  Sticky Toffee Pudding or Chocolate Tart with Jack Daniel’s Ice-Cream.

I never get tongue tied or lost for words when reviewing restaurants, but as you've probably guessed by now, Balans Soho Society totally shut me up! 

From the gorgeous new decor - try and get a seat at the back of the restaurant where you are absconded from the view of other diners, especially if you are booking over Valentines like I am, so you can behave in the 'Balans Soho Society way' and have a cheeky fondle - to the astoundingly tasty food and eye-watering drinks menu, this downright naughty, rule bending venue is the place to be. 

I didn't think anywhere could knock my usual Soho hangouts, but Balans Soho Society does. 

Plus it doesn't leave a shotgun hole in your purse after, like other places we wont name.

Are you fascinated? Want to try Balans Soho Society out for yourself? 

I guarantee its not for the faint hearted or those looking to 'stunt'. Go and get your hands dirty and live to never regret the experience. 

If you like it, I'm almost 100% sure, you'll go back! 

Don't forget to pick up a packet of the cute, smoking enthusiastic matches on the way out. That will help you remember how much fun you had at Balans Soho Society for years to come!

CP xo

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