27 January 2016

What To Drink When You're Not Drinking ft @DiscoverBudgens @KopparbergUK

I have decided that Dry January is an evil concept and I plan never to undertake it ever again! Detoxing my body from all the food of Christmas past, then yes, but to not consume any alcohol, carbs and sugar like I did was just a recipe for disaster. Plus my Boyfriend and I broke it last Friday with just under two weeks to spare...oh the shame!


25 January 2016

@Mcvities Breakfast Biscuits #BreakfastWeek

Happy #BreakfastWeek & whilst we are at it, top of the morning to you all! Hope you are having a lovely Monday morning, even if it is getting a little dark first thing in the morning, nowadays… Oh the joys of winter! 


20 January 2016

Top 10 Reasons To Visit Latin America

Whilst I definitely don't need to list my 'Top 10 Reasons' for wanting to visit Latin America, I'm sure, as fans of my Travel posts, that you'd love to hear why, right?


12 January 2016

Styling The Perfect Workout Looks With @Farfetch

How is your #dryjanuary going? Difficult? Tell me about it! 


10 January 2016

B Fresh #WinterWarmer @b_freshjuice

Are you suffering from a cold? Feel the flu coming on? Let me assure you, you are not alone!
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