23 January 2015

OPEN Menswear

Yes! It's finally Friday! Happy Friday! 
I have been so excited to share this post with you all for months now, mainly because I'm so proud of how this shoot went! I've been a huge fan of menswear from my early PR days but unfortunately I can't pull off all the looks I want to with menswear, mainly because my figure is rather shapely and not very boyish at all. But then along came Open Stores, a new British menswear brand with design, quality and unbelievable value at its core - which completely stunned me with their effortlessly fashion forward AW14 collection, so much so, I spent so much in this store last Christmas!

Every item I've put my hands on from this collection has been rich in fabric and their coats especially are ridiculously warm! I have no idea why I don't have more pieces from Open Stores already. 

The Basics

So today I wanted to share the shoot I worked on late last year with my gorgeous, younger brother who I've always envied for his amazing figure despite the fact that he eats heaps of crappy junk food whilst I, being the bigger and older sister literally has to watch everything which goes remotely close to my lips. No you probably don't know, (likely because it's not something I discuss regularly) is that my younger brother Ashley suffers from a rare form of Epilepsy which has caused him many effects over the course of his 24 years but despite that he always pulls through, has a heart of gold and in my opinion is a survivor! 

My brother Ashley is always so incredibly positive and brave. It's because of Ashley that I am inspired to work hard in order to create a great future for us both where I can one day take care of him as well as myself, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to honour him and give him the chance to really feel confident in himself whilst rocking the AW14 Open Stores Menswear collection which I shot myself! 

All clothing & accessories are available now at Open Stores

I love Ashley's figure. I love how confident and masculine he looks in these images - it almost looks like he doesn't have a care in the world and to top it off, he looks amazing wearing Open! I might be slightly bias here - and I'll admit to that - but really, he looks great! 

I would love to know what you, my readers think of his styling, the garments shown in these street style images and the overall look that I've pulled together, as well as your opinion now of Open Menswear of course. 

Hope you've enjoyed reading and cannot wait to hear your responses! 

CP xo


19 January 2015

Mid January 2015 Recap

New Chantelle Lingerie Sports Bra (Review Coming Soon!)

Hey loves! I've been MIA but for all the right reasons! 
I've taken 2015 like a slap in the face to get plenty of balls in my trolley moving and not letting anything drop. One of my main resolutions (are we still calling it that?) is to get my butt into the gym and to seriously start enjoying working out! Take it from me, its not as easy as some people make out, especially after the holiday blow out but two/three weeks in and I'm already enjoying it! 


07 January 2015

2015 Travel Goals

Happy 2015!!!
I cannot help but think about my next holiday or my travel goals for 2015.

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