09 November 2015

OPSH Launches In The UK

Have you noticed online shopping has become a little tired? Mundane? Boring? You are not alone! As someone who spends a huge chunk of their daily life online and 80% of that checking out what new arrivals my favourite shopping websites and brands are promoting, I am fully aware that it has all become a real boring experience, plus I hate having to memorise all the site addresses and account logins too! I love newness and crave the excitement I used to have shopping online for an item I thought would blow my blog and social media fans outta the virtual-sphere! Where has all the creativity gone you ask? I have one word for you - OPSH

Here to shake up your shopping world is OPSH - a new conceptual shopping website run by three amazing sisters & founders of the What Will I Wear Today? blog, which allows you to shop from your most loved and cool brands from just one account! Yes! One account! And another plus is that if you are looking for a specific item like, coated skinny jeans for example, the OPSH site will narrow down a search of 8000+ trousers to find you the perfect pair with a substantial amount of alternatives to choose from too! Did I mention they offer style tips too? Like what knitwear to buy if you have a busty chest or style matching the ankle boots MIC's Rosie was wearing last week! OPSH have all your wishes and questions answered in this site. 

Shopping is not what it used to be, as we know - I type as an & Other Stories online order is dropped on my office desk - but there's still so much fun to be had in it, which is what the OPSH sisters are banking on with OPSH. 

The sisters know who the OPSH-type shopper is and, they are convinced, she's a woman who wants a website like OPSH, where, to begin with, you can browse and buy clothes from  the likes of New Look, River Island, House of Fraser and Urban Outfitters in one, online portal. "We're after the mainstream shopper, who knows what she wants, like, a new white work shirt every eight weeks, and wants to find it fast; but who will also need a new coat and need some guidance on what's what this season, or needs to have 'winter coats' curated for her," 1/3 founding sister, Jennie McGinn says.

I took one look at the site and loved it! It's clean, fresh, fast and exciting! and boy am I obsessed with their Insta feed - so much style-inspiration is a dangerous thing for a girl who loves her fashion like I do, but I cant resist peeking at their daily sources of inspiration and new uploads of my favourite items - currently coats and ankle boots.

Are you an OPSH girl? Well there's only one way to know - head over to the site now and log in with one step - enter in your email address.

CP xo


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