21 November 2015


I'm starting to think of myself as a bit of cook nowadays, which has definitely been propelled by the amount of reads and support I received when I posted my first ever recipe on chloepierre.com - Huge thank you to all my readers by the way! 

So when you guys took notice of my culinary skills, I kinda thought, you know, I might be on to a good thing here, especially as I love food and recognise the importance of cooking especially as its so much cheaper and at times, even healthier than eating out. But who am I kidding? You and I both know we love to do that.

SO to celebrate the launch of Heinz's new Chilli Sauces, I was invited down to my very own cook off with some of London's best and upcoming food bloggers, all vying for a mega cookery prize, which was judged and presented by Former Celebrity Masterchef winner and TV cook Lisa Faulkner.

I'm no fan of sauces as a condiment with my meals (although it can be pretty necessary with a portion of fish and chips) but I'm really impressed with the selection now available from Heinz chilli sauces - Jerk Sauce, Peri Peri Sauce, Sweet Chilli, Hot Pepper& Fiery Sriracha Chilli. 

On the night , I arrived at L’Atelier des Chefs on Wigmore street in the form of a bag of nerves... partly because I was late and also because I had forgotten the recipe to my Jerk Chicken Salad but with the dish being a slightly easy one and having made it a few times before, I decided to play it by ear... especially as the challenge only left us with a 45min cooking time allowance!

After many dripping beads of sweat, panic, pressure, giggles, stealing other people's ingredients (sorry Darryl!) and a few too many glasses of prosseco, my dish was complete, as was many of my fellow cooks! I was so delighted to get this over and done with, relax and be able to try the many other dishes which were all so tasty and different.

The dishes below were my favourites from the night and I promise to recreate them soon! Just tell me which one you'd like me to recreate and share the recipe with you all in the comments box below.

Let me leave you now with the complete recipe to my Jerk Chicken Salad below - 
Don't forget you can try the Heinz Chilli Sauces now from your local supermarkets and if it's not there, be sure to ask the instore Customer Care team for more information.

And if you ever want any help with presentation or tips, please let me know in the box below so I can start making it a thing

CP xo

Jerk Chicken Salad 
(using Heinz Jerk BBQ & Sweet Chilli Sauces)

2 Spoonfuls of Heinz Jerk BBQ 
1 (and a half) Spoonfuls of Sweet Chilli Sauce
1 Pack of Organic Skinless Chicken Breasts

3 Lemons
1 Small glug of Cooking Oil (preferably Vegetable Oil)
1 Large Mango
1 Avocado
Generous sprinkle of sea salt 

1 Bag of Mixed Salad
Handful of Kale

1/4 of Red Cabbage 1 Bunch of Radishes 

1/2 a Cucumber

1 Small Red Chilli - Finely sliced and seeds removed
Generous sprinkle of fresh ground black pepper

1 Small box of Chilli Flakes

To begin with, I always recommend cleaning the Chicken. Although some people just wash their meats under cold water, I've been raised Caribbean so to clean chicken, I wash the meat under cold water and then rub every bit of the chicken down with fresh Lemon (limes can also be used if preferred) and them begin seasoning the meat with a little pinch of Salt, Pepper, Chilli flakes and then place in an airtight container and place in the fridge.

To create a marinade, grab a small bowl and put in the measurements (above) of Heinz chilli sauce along with the juice of a whole lemon. Again, drop in a few pinches of salt, pepper, chopped Red Chilli (minus the seeds) and mix this concoction together for 2 minutes.

To begin preparing your salad, wash the packet salad along with Cucumber, Radish, Kale and Red Cabbage and place this on a chopping board with your preferred knife selection - just make sure they are sharp.

Next take the Chicken from the fridge and marinade it in your sauce with your hands and massage it well into the meat. Once every piece of the meat is well covered in your marinade, grab a baking tray/ pirate dish and drizzle a little vegetable oil in, making sure the whole tray is covered to reduce burning the meat. Place the Chicken breasts on the tray and place in a pre-heated oven on 180degrees, ensuring you check on this every 10 minutes or so.

Heading back to your salad, begin chopping each ingredient to your desired shape/ thickness etc and place lovingly for decoration around the plate. Proceed to chopping a few slices of the large Mango into slices and then score into cubes and slice these put of the skin. Again strategically place these on your prepared salad for presentation. I would then cover the plates with clingfilm and place in the fridge to keep the salad cold and fresh.

Once the chicken is cooked through, although it to stand for at least 5 minutes (maximum cooking time for the breasts is 30 minutes however if you prefer your meat more or less cooked, leave in for as long as you please -just make sure its cooked through by slicing a small part of the meat with a knife to see) and take your garnished plate of salad from the fridge

Once slightly cooler, place the Chicken breast lovingly on top of the salad and squeeze 1/4 of Lemon juice around the whole plate. Do this again with Chilli flakes, Salt or Pepper (or all) and then slice 1/4 ripe Avocado and again place around the salad for decoration.


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