21 August 2015

Interview With Luxury Plus Size Designer Shegul (@shegulny)

As a fashion blogger with curves for days and a penchant for luxury & high end designer clothing, it was only right that I came across the US brand Shegul in my search for 
Luxury Plus Size Fashion.

The PR team and Founder of Shegul, Aysegul were extremely helpful and happy to take time out for an interview, so I thought it would be great to go #BTS so to speak and find out what makes Shegul special and a Plus Size Brand to watch. Influenced by her curvy friends and her own experience working for cult fashion favorite Maiyet, designer Aysegul, aspires to fill the gap she perceives in the market for high-quality, high-end clothing for women who wear above a size 10 (US)

I mean, I love this season's lookbook already! Every single piece is a design I would wear constantly without any thought or hesitation. Let me know what you think of the collection in the comments below.
CP xo

CP: What does the term Plus-Size & Plus-Size Fashion mean to you?

Shegul: They are merely terms that help to locate the great without getting lost in the thousands of brands that only offer smaller sizes. Other than that, beauty is a state of mind and in the eyes of the beholder. Every country, every nation has its own standards, if you try to comply with them all, well there is no way you can! (Let me know the outcome if you decide to give it a try!)
CP: How did you get into designing your line? What was the inspiration?
Shegul: I have worked in the fashion business for many years and my body has changed in time while the fashion world has stayed in the past with the smaller sizes I used to wear. My own struggles, as well as that of my friends’ to find things that we love to wear triggered the idea of creating ShegulI have been blessed to be able to travel around the Globe, visiting popular travel locations as well as off the beaten track sites in many countries. 
Inspiration for this particular collection came during my trip to Eastern Europe, specifically the day I spent in Karlovy Vary. It is a beautiful town nestled in the hills and forests of the Czech Republic. It feels as if you landed in a fairy tale, a town with lots of crystals and healing waters! The reflection of light on black crystal was the inspiration for some of the prints in collection while the natural water fountains and the residual water left behind was the inspiration for another. Colored Crystal objects become the glass florals in the collection.

CP: Who would be your ideal client to design for? Who is the Shegul woman?

Shegul: I would love to dress Amy Schumer, she is amazing, and l love her stand on issues. Shegul is for the woman who is confidant, who knows who she is - in a way challenging the world to say otherwise. 

The Shegul woman is happy in her own skin and wants to show that - by wearing clothes that are tailored to her and her personality. I want to dress strong women, who are comfortable in their own skin or the woman who knows who she is but who is looking for an outlet to show the world who she truly is at heart and not just one that is apologizing.

CP: What makes Shegul different from any other plus size line?
 Shegul: The Plus size market is lacking the depth and breadth of offerings that are available to smaller sized women. We don’t have enough options that span different aesthetics and price points. Many of the brands available to the segment still have the mindset of what they deem to be “appropriate” for plus size clients, not necessarily what is modern and fashionable.  It’s about youthful energy, colors, fabrication and subtle sexuality. Clever cuts, high-quality fabrics are there to work with feminine curves, while highlighting the individuality of every single Shegul woman.
CP: Which future trends can we expect from Shegul?
Shegul: Relevant fashion! 
CP: What are the fashion staples every plus woman should have in her wardrobe?
.A perfectly cut easy slim white shirt
.A universally flattering A-line dress
.A perfect neutral pant
.A great slim jean and…
.A nice tailored jacket

Once you nail these wardrobe staples, especially if you invest in good quality, good fit items; you can wear them several seasons without worrying about seasonal relevance, trends etc…Most important is to find the fit and fabrics you feel comfortable in, rather than worrying about the fashion and ending up with product that will be pushed to the back of your closet because you don’t feel comfortable in it.
CP: What is your most proud accomplishment as a plus designer to date?
Shegul: I am proud of the fact that I am into my third season’s collection now!  It is hard to believe that it has already been a year but, it is happening. When I first began the business, a year ago, as an Indie designer I had my doubts, hesitations, what ifs’, which now has turned into resolute “YES this is it! I can do this”. One of the major reasons I feel this way is the support of many women in the plus-size community and how it is transforming itself over the past year. So far despite ups and downs, it has been a tremendous journey.
CP: What do you predict for the future of Plus Size Fashion?

Shegul: These are very exciting times!  A not-so-silent revolution is happening in the fashion world.  Young women are confident and vocal about their wants and needs, and not satisfied with the stale and tired designs being sold to them. Things are changing for the better however, we all have to remember, Rome was not built in one day. There will be many hurdles to overcome on both sides – within the plus-size community as well as within the clothing designers’ mindsets.

6CP: Do you have a Plus Size pet hate?
 Shegul: When people who have no awareness of what is happening to your body – whether it is medically, emotionally, or just stressful day-to-day living - start projecting their own insecurities onto you and start telling you how you should live your life!  How about hmm…mind your own life?


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