24 July 2015

Mid June-July 2015 Blog Recap

Hey you beauts! I'm not sure if it's just me experiencing this but what a busy few months June was and July is! I had such a great time but the month literally threw right before my eyes, what with my birthday, loads of friends and family birthdays, events, nominations, announcements and then of course, big, bad GlastonburyI'm actually shattered but shattered with a smile let me assure you! 


08 July 2015

Handy Tips To Survive London Tube Strikes

I'm just going to go ahead and say it, Damn you TFL & TFL workers (only the ones actually striking)! Do you know how much agro you cause us Londoners and how you even jeopardise our jobs by striking for yours? Seriously, I'm all for a rise in wage (when it's validated - the rude TfL I've had encounters with definitely dont deserve a raise) but isnt there another way to go about this?! I dont understand why us Londoners have to bear the brunt of this.... plus it happens too often!

So hey you Londoners, back to some handy tips for you getting around before and during the Tube Strikes...

Before The Tube Strike Begins:

  • Notify your manager at least a day in advance so they are aware of whats going on - just in case they havent seen the emails, read the paper or watched the news.
  • Try and get to leave work early (depending on the time the strike is due to start) or ask to work from home.
  • Check your plans before the strike action to see which can be rescheduled for another date or amended to a phone call, skype etc.
  • Definitely ensure you have enough mobile data before the strike starts as you will need to download a Bus Countdown App or any travel assistance app ( I use ) and also sign up for email, Twitter and Facebook notifications so you know when the strike is called off or any useful up to date news someone bothered at TfL will be sharing online.
  • If you have somewhere important to go...order a taxi via Addison Lee asap! Lines will always be busy so it's better to book a taxi here as soon as you hear of a strike
  • It may end up costing a pretty penny but it may be worth grabbing a free Barclays/ Boris/ Santander bike...I cant keep up with what they are called now but you know the ones...or bring in your own bike to get around. Again, please ensure you have your bike safety up to date...I hate to see cyclist's without helmets and I also hate the aggressive ones too! Yes, they are dicks! 

During The Tube Strike:
  • Try and stay calm
  • Always carry a bottle of water with you as most other transportation links will be overcroded and therefore hot...maybe even suffocating!
  • If you can, offer a fellow colleague or passenger the option to split a taxi with you! The Uber app is great for this and plus you could gain a new friend! 
  • Uber has said "During the morning rush hour, the highest demand will be in residential areas, including Kensington and Chelsea, Clapham, Fulham and Battersea, as well as the major train stations, such as London Waterloo, Victoria, Paddington, Marylebone, Kings Cross and London Bridge" Avoid these if you can!  
  • Uber also says "The evening rush hour starts in earnest at 5pm with highest demand will come from Soho, Mayfair, the City, Clerkenwell and Canary Wharf, as well as around the busier train stations, such as Vauxhall"
  • They havent mentioned much of East London but I guarnatee this will be busy too! 
  • As I said above, try and grab a public bike or bring great walking shoes/ trainers...nothing like walking home during the summer!
Do you have any tips to add to this post or have you found this helpful?
Let me know below or tweet me @chloepierreldn 
CP xo


Proud Camden's NEW Secret Garden Bar (Review)


03 July 2015

The Perfect FREE Lunch Time Read This July 2015 - @Plusmodelmag

Bored and looking for a good read during your lunch break?
Plus Model Magazine has shared their July magazine's digital issue which you can read now! Enjoy! 


CP xo

Always Aliza's New Face #Diversity #Lingerie

You know I'm all for diversity don't you?! I'm forever posting pictures with the captions and hashtags #BEPROUDBEYOU #DIVERSITY #BODYPOSITIVE etc - I'm all for it! 

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