23 June 2015

How To Pack For A Music Festival i.e Glastonbury

OMG! I'm going to Glastonbury again!!!
Just as you read this, I will be throwing on my Hunter Wellies and heading for Pilton, Somerset to enjoy over 5 days, come rain or shine, with my friends and some of the hottest musical acts in the world. Being the organised kinda gal that I am, I have sorted what I will be taking with me and already got packing. I know this can be super difficult as you won't really ever know what to bring before so here's a quick guide for all you newbie festival goers and also the seasoned festival goer who is tired of getting pacing wrong! 

Here is my CP Glastonbury/ Festival Packing List for you to download now and forever should you need to!
Above however is my actual packing list of items I'm taking to Glastonbury, 
minus the outfits which you will see in a day or too!

Here is what you will actually need for the whole of Glastonbury/ any five day festival - well girls anyway!
(Going clockwise from the top right)

1. Shower Sponge & Xmas Apple Shower Gel - Body Shop
2. Mini Mouthwash & Toothpaste - Colgate
3. Empty Water Bottle
4. Phone + Charger
5. Glitter Lips - BeautyMart
6. Shower Cap, Vanity Kit & Sewing Kit - Courtesy of The London Edition Hotel
7. x4 Pairs of Black Leggings
8. As many plastic bags as you feel necessary
9. Sanitary Pads & Tampons - Always
10. Blotting Powder Compact - Cover FX 
11. Mini Tangle Teaser Dupe - Free From Frizz
12. Wipes - Burts Bees 
13. Hair Bands - Popbands
14. Hoop Earrings - ASOS
16. Edge Control - Palmer's
16. Elastic Hair Elastic - Primark (or here ASOS)
17. Elle Saab Perfume Sample - Tester
18. Marijuana Socks - 
19. Lip Balm - Carmex
20. Rose Water/ Hylaronic Face Mist - Rodial
21. Sun Cream - Delph Suncare
22. Tea Tree Body Cream - Australian Body Care
23. Face Cream - Dr Murad
24. Curly Hair Coconut Milk - Curls Unleashed
25. First Aid+ - NatraSan
26. x7 T-Shirts

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