27 May 2015

WIN A Pair Of @SOPHIAWEBSTER with #LoveMyWeddingLyst @Lyst

You all know how much I love weddings don't you? My Wedding Pinterest board which I feel with all the shots and ideas I find online is one of my most popular boards to date! Plus I also have a few weddings coming up shortly and I am ecstatic to attend! What's better than getting dressed up for a day/ evening to celebrate love?

Let me give you a little guess... 
winning a pair of Sophia Webster Shoes thanks to Lyst! That's what!

My fellow blogger Natasha Bisous recently posted all about the competition and I was so jel - one, becuase I took so long to create the Lyst let alone share it and two, because I loved the Lyst looks she pulled together for it! Well done sista!

I wasn't going to share mine (I kinda thought I was too late) but I really cannot miss the chance to win a pair of Sophia Websters - my flat sandals are getting pretty lonely without another pair to join them - and more so, I also want you to know that you have a chance of winning too! All you have to do is head over to my #WeddingLyst (here too) and LIKE IT by clicking the “heart icon” (shown below) and then I could win a pair of Sophia Webster shoes 
(to the value of £400). All you need to do is create your own Wedding Lyst via lyst.co.uk and include the hashtags #LoveMyWeddingLyst and #Wedding in the description box of your Lyst. Let's get busy liking eachother’s boards, thinking positive and get sharing! 
So share your entries in the comments box below so that I can vote for you. 
Win/ Win!

Weddings + Sophia Webster Shoes = L O V E

26 May 2015

#TuesdayShoesDay with @JosefinasPt

#TuesdayShoesDay You say? Oh yes, of course! So it is! 

Today, I'm being a bit naughty and posting shoes I wish were on my feet for #TuesdayShoesDay but sadly aren't...yet! 

What do you think? Are you into that, or not so in to that? If not, I have a whole Pinterest board of shoes which will make any shoe lover swoon! Take a look here!

Today's shoes are the gorgeous ballerina collection by Josefina Portugal, a Portuguese footwear brand providing handmade ballet flats for every occasion and lifestyle, delivered to your door with a whole lot of love! My God, if they don't look like a whole lotta love I don't know what does! 

Let me hear your thoughts my loves! 
CP xo


20 May 2015

@KeziahCONNECTS x @NailsandBrows Event Review

Photo Credit: Blogger Musings Of Bee

We've all been told there is an art to networking, and to a degree, there is!

05 May 2015


Shop here

Hi lovelies! 

Hope you all had a great bank holiday weekend! I did and will be sharing all the details with you throughout this week and the weekend but for now, I wanted to start a little something new for the blog, and that's #TuesdayShoesday posts featuring all of my new and favourite shoe purchases. Today's #shoechoice is my new lace up heels from Zara
I'd love to know if you think this is a great idea and if you like the posts! 
Let me know on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram now! 

Speak soon!

CP xo
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