29 October 2014

BunnyChow Review

Lunch times can be boring…don't you agree? I will always love heading out to explore the local area for midday meals, but I have to admit that I am becoming increasingly bored of heading over to my local Pret for another bread-free salad, or Eat for a simple soup only to find it's sold out! Other haunts I am becoming sickeningly doubtful of are Pure (the chicken revolts me-I'm not a huge fan of cold chicken), Pod (just not inspiring or tasty enough) and Itsu (I love the soups! Hey Chicken Jaipur) but ultimately these spots are expensive and tend to add up and next thing you know, you have no money for that item you just came across at Topshop or no money to top up the Oyster-making you late to work! argh!

One new spot I overheard a little something about, ahead of it's launch, was Bunnychow
This once Shoreditch food truck/ pop-up really did cause a stir among foodie chats with my boss ahead of lunch times, so when I received an email inviting me to the Bunnychow Launch - 'Soho's new Bunny Bar', I jumped at the chance. Always up for finding a new food spot to take the bore out of lunch and after work meet ups.

Bunnychow is the new food phenomenon from entrepreneur Atholl Milton, hailing inspirations from 1940's Durban, South Africa where plantation workers would prepare a hearty lunch of hot, curry-stuffed loafs of sturdy bread, which would tie them over till dinner, which we now know as the Bunnychow! The world's first, literally edible lunch box ‘bunny’ is packed to the brim with freshly made sauces, locally supplied meat and veg and is topped off with slaws and homemade pickles.
As well as the traditional Bunnychow, the 'breakfast to late' menu consists of a huge array of hot, cold and snack-goodness, which will keep you entertained for breakfast & lunch for weeks on end! My favourites from the all-day menu are; 

The very British, Full English Bunny’ a brioche loaf jam packed with mini Cumberland sausages, bacon, handmade black pudding and baked beans, crowned with a poached egg (although I'm not an egg fan, so I'd minus this!)

The Punching 'Green Salad' £5.00 takes it's form in a taco bread shell and looks like something of a sweet treat, but do not be fooled! This salad bowl with basil flavoured chicken, fresh spelt, watercress and rocket topped with a spicy pesto dressing.

'Lemon Meringue Muffin £' is the perfect mid-afternoon treat! Much more enticing than a boring old cupcake this light, meringue topped muffin lusciously breaks through the middle to reveal a tangy yet sweet liquid centre.

Top off your meal/ stop at Bunnychow with one of Bunny's daily, freshly squeezed juices, perfect for kick starting your day or helping you power through the rest of the afternoon at work. My favourite has to be the juicy 'Plum Juice £', simply too good to put into words!

Are you bored of the high street offering of food for breakfast/ lunch? 

Want to try Bunnychownew! to the menu is the slow roasted pulled pork, 'Pork n' Pickle Bunny' a new favourite over at Boxpark.

Head over to Bunnychow's Facebook or Twitter for deals & maybe the chance of picking up a bunny in exchange for a tweet! #sohochowdown

When you do, let me know what you think in the comments section below. 

CP xo


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