25 July 2014

Little Things

Earlier this week, #1 leading sparkling wine brand Freixenet, pronounced 'fresh-e-net' invited me to it's exclusive rooftop cinema event to celebrate the wine's brand new video#LittleThings, celebrating the finer details and little things in life which put a smile on your face. 

Think finding the must-have Zara dress but their being only one of your size in stock, or you having just enough cash in your bank account to buy it…considering you are two weeks away from pay day and that you might have to live of cous cous or homemade smoothies just to get you through! 
We've all been there.

Freixenet held their super exclusive event on the uber cool, Queen Of Hoxton's rooftop space which they filled with cava, cocktails, beautifully presented Spanish food and great creative company, with  included Shortlist Magazine, GQ, The Daily Mail, Handbag & Love Food Love Drink Magazine.
The food was truly amazing & the vibe was laid-back and cool which represents the Freixenet brand perfectly! Again all the little things made such a difference at the event. When watching the film we were constantly provided with Spanish churros, Freixenet cocktails and Champagne Pop's ice lollies and when that became a little chilly, the Rooftop Cinema Club gave us all individual blankies, sponsored by British Airways. Rooftop cinema's just became the coolest place to hang out!!!

 I was so sad to not go crazy with the Spanish event food but sadly I've been undertaking a juice cleanse which has restricted all sorts of fabulous food and alcohol so for me,  I had already prepared & hotly anticipated watching the 80's film Ferris' Day Off, chosen by the Rooftop Cinema Club, which strangely missed my rador (since I'm an 80's baby). What a fun film which totally incorporated Freixenet's campaign #LittleThings.

Now I could give you a whole run through and narrative of the story line, but I think you should watch the film for yourself. It would make a great film for tonight or one day this weekend, shared with friends and family over a bottle of Friexenet… 
Try the Freixenet Mia Moscato - It's my favourite!

Available now from local Ocado, Tesco, Asda, Morrison's, Sainsbury's & Waitrose

Have you tried Freixenet Wine before? What are your Friday/ Weekend plans? Do tell!
CP xo


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