02 June 2014

Drinki App Review

Calling all the women in London - who like to drink!!!

I recently came across a spiffing app which I couldn't pass on telling you all about! The Drinki app (available for both iPhone & Android users, is a girl's ticket to the high life in London at a fraction of the cost! 

This clever little app is so easy to use and works by showing you all the fabulous bars in and around London offering #ladiesonly a free cocktail and details exactly what cocktail you will be receiving. As soon as I heard about Drinki through one of my favourite sites, Who's Jack I immediately downloaded the app and shared it with my Mum and friends. With no time better than the present, I logged into my new Drinki App using my Facebook profile and headed down to Dalston/ Stoke Newington High Street to see what my local bars were saying! My first stop was Dalston Social and I was offered a Lime Daiquiri as the Strawberry was unavailable. Next up was The Mockingbird where I had the delight in trying the deliciously strong Tequila Mockingbird - this is a must for anyone living in Dalston! Now many bars in London are hooking up with Drinki making the supplier list longer and longer! Dont miss out on this girls! #CPtoldya

What I was surprised to find out is that Drinki also refreshes itself after a day so you can keep on going back to all your favourite spots and grabbing your favourite cocktails. Please note Ladies: this service is strictly free and the only exchange is that you login with your Facebook account which helps the Drinki app distinguish your gender. 

Get your Drinki on by following these easy steps! 

Don't forget to download the app though! iPhone & Android compatible.
If you love the Drinki app, I'd love to know where it led you! Please leave a comment below or hit me up on Twitter!

1. Download the app and login with Facebook

2. Check our map for your nearest bar to get your FREE Drinki. 

3. Receive your FREE cocktail and Drinki automatically checks you in on Facebook. ENJOY!
As you receive your FREE cocktail, your bartender will check you in via Drinki’s unique system. Nothing more will be posted to your Facebook timeline. That's it!!!


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