01 February 2014

Shoe Pom Poms By Cleo B London

Happy New Year lovelies!
I know its rather late but you know the saying, better late than never.
It's been a while since my last post as you can clearly see, but I thought it was best for me and my sanity to take a well deserved break from blogging as December and January 2014 was featured an enormous amount of transitions for me. Not only did I (like we all) have to prepare for a hectic Christmas (it was my first Christmas as someone's girlfriend & the first Christmas in a new home) but I also changed careers and can now proudly announce that I have embarked on a fabulous new journey into Beauty PR.

It's been such a lovely change and the beauty environment is one I enjoy very much!
So now that I have found my feet, from here onwards you can expect to be kept up to date with all my journeys in this diary which is my blog! I have so much great plans which will be unveiled in due time, but as my first post of the year, I wish to share with you one of my greatest outfits of the year with the help of Cleo B, Bastyan, Topshop and TK Maxx.

I hope you like the look! xo

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