27 September 2013

The Blogger Friendly Guide to NYC

A Blogger Friendly Guide to NYC

I had such a great time in New York, partially due to my hectic NYFW schedule and also due to having great friends and family in the city, who are only happy to take me out and see what the city has in store and the 'places to be'!

So if you ever decide on travelling to NYC, take a look at my guide to the City's best stores for shopping, hotels, places to eat, drink and get yourself pampered from head to toe!



A Second Chance
The most amazing hub for pre-owned premium fashion brands. 
On arrival, I saw Chanel flats, Louboutin heels and stacks on stacks of vintage Hermès and Louis Vuitton suitcases. Check out their stocks online too!
WARNING: You will want it all but it's still expensive!




Salon Ziba

Impressions by Theresa
Try the Dominican Blow Dry...AMAZING!

New York Nails & Spa
A beautiful salon with lovely staff (ask for Laurie) and loads of services. Not the cheapest place to get your beauty needs treated but definitely one of the nicest in terms of convenience.


You cannot visit Sugarcane and not try the Sorrel Margarita, its deliciously strong!


26 September 2013

#NYFW Style Diary Day 3

Top - Cos Trousers - Dorothy Perkins Shoes: Schuz Chain - Gift

Day 3 of New York Fashion Week was somewhat special to me.

This is the day that I experienced New York by myself without the aid of my over protective Aunts (I have only ever been to New York with family) and managed to get completely lost, only find myself at midnight in Jamaica, instead of Long Island where I was staying. 

On a brighter note, despite attending a number of shows, I also attended the famous Schutz store on Madison avenue who were holding a party to celebrate the store's first birthday. After getting myself somewhat worked up on cupcakes and bubbly, over choosing to buy one pair of shoes out of 3 final decisions, I headed through to the equally, if not more famous Barney's  NYC where I decided to abort the fashion shows that afternoon, for some serious retail therapy in the department store.  I swear my day was complete fate because as I found my way from Madison back to the Lincoln Centre, I bumped into my favourite and fellow blogger, Sincerely Jules who too was lost.
We posed for pictures, had a giggle and said our goodbyes until London Fashion Week.
What a fabulous day!


25 September 2013

SANDRO Autumn Winter 13

I love this campaign & I simply adore Sandro. 
The brand is just divine and the clothes literally walk and speak for themselves!

I've already shopped in three Sandro branches globally this year, including London, New York & Paris and everything from the store's location, instore fittings and their incredibly friendly staff is perfectly detailed.

Check out Sandro's new Autumn/Winter 2013 collection out now which features Edie Campbell, Janis Ancens and Tony Bryan shot by the famed French photographer, Karim Sadli.


Colgate #OpticWhite AT #NYFW

As the organised blogger I am, I ensured my stay in New York was jam packed with events for me to attend so I could network and discover as many brands as possible.

So attending Colgate's #OpticWhite launch over at Salon Ziba on was definitely on my to do list.

The event was to celebrate the launch of the #OpticWhite collection, which I didn't get to test but I heard is great, was attended by a number of press, bloggers and celebrities including Cheetah girl Adrienne Baillon. 

We were all treated to mind blowing massages, blow sets, hair styling and make up whilst testing summer ready cocktails, scrumptious vegetarian dishes by Gardein and FroYo's.
Note to Gardein, please start stocking the brand in the UK.

I was most impressed with the work of my hair stylist Melissa (above), as she really got to grips with my curly mane on such a humid day and made my 'poof' look street ready with a simple braided style. For this, I recommended she use Shea Moisture products only as I am obsessed with the brand! (Video to follow!)

I was also super surprised to bump into my lovely friends at Satya jewellery who gifted me with this gorgeous Pyrite Sun Bracelet bracelet which I have since refused to take off as their jewellery always gives me faith and hope. Thanks Satya!

I nearly forgot to mention that I also made a charitable $100 win for Skinny Girl's! Go me!


24 September 2013

#NYFW Style Diary - Day 2

My excitement for NYFW was still running high on Day 2, so I made much more of an effort with my look than I would have done considering how hot New York was! Luckily too, as I bumped into some of my favourite US fashionistas including June Ambrose & Guiliana Rancic from E Channel's Fashion Police! 

For Day 2 of my NYFW Style Diary, my outfit included a sculpted peplum by Zara UK, an ASOS Midi skirt and my beautiful silver two piece sandal again, by Zara UK.

I received so many compliments when I wore these shoes in NYFW and home in London too. I wish I had kept the monochrome style of the same shoe now, when I did a Zara haul earlier this year.

Do you think this is a NYFW worthy outfit ensemble?


22 September 2013

#NYFW Style Diary - Day 1

Jumpsuit - COS, Clutch - H&M, Sandals - Topshop

I had to stop in this cute Pet Store! How cute is this puppy?

Posing with DJ Chelsea Leyland @ Lulu Frost

CNN's Alina Cho

Meeting Designer Lisa Perry

The start of my #NYFW journey couldn't have been better!
I started off Uptown on the Upper East side, attending Lisa Perry's elegant in store show where I met Departures Fashion Editor Amanda Ross. Then I headed off to the Veronica Beard presentation where I met CNN Presenter, Alina Cho looking fabulous! Then finished off my first day, at Lulu Frost's collection party where I posed for pictures with my girl crush Hannah Bronfman's BFF Chelsea Leyland who was sporting some serious haute Jimmy Choo's.

Although I didn't feel as fashionable as I have done previously attending Fashion Week, the COS jumpsuit above was necessary due to the running around New York City although I was hot to say the least, but my less and less curly Afro saved the day and the outfit.

What do you think of my outfit for #NYFW Day 1? Did the hair save or ruin the day 1 NYFW look?

Check out my style spotted on the Wardrobe Breakdown Street Style blog here.


03 September 2013

Exclusive Neo Stem Giveaway

Yes my lovely readers, it's giveaway time again!!!
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