07 December 2013

A Sweet Fragrance - La Tentation de Nina

I love introducing you, my lovely readers to news of new collaborations, brands and gifts to shop. Unfortunately, I am now going to unveil to you the new La Tentation de Nina fragrance, which is not available until Spring 2014 but I will advise you to have this item firmly placed on your wish lists (see mine here) for the La Tentation de Nina's release early next year.  

La Tentation de Nina is collaboration between designer Nina Ricci & the famed French bakery, Ladurée which has produced a sweet, macaroon-like fragrance born from the magical encounter and opens a new chapter in a fairy tale that started in 2006. This adventure is punctuated with surprises, collectors’ items and irresistible must-haves. 

From what I have been told, La Tentation de Nina is a fresh, floral, fruity Eau de Toilette. Utterly addictive and limited edition. 

As the Nina story continues with the tactile, apple-shaped bottle, a trace has been left on the apple’s skin, a bite in the apple to reveal a hint of gold. For lovers of macaroons, the very word conjures up a dream of indulgence. 

The famous Maison on Rue Royale has been delighting the taste-buds of Parisians and visitors from around the world since 1862. It was rather an insane gamble to work on a fragrance as though it were a macaroon, and a macaroon like a perfume but it was a challenge that Olivier Cresp, the Master Perfumer, and Vincent Lemains, the New Creation Pastry Chef at Ladurée, accepted and accomplished with elegance.

La Tentation de Nina will be available nationwide at Debenhams as of 27th January 2014 and priced at £40 (50ml).


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