13 October 2013


It's fast becoming that time of year, when knitwear is your go to statement piece. I've already dragged out my good old faithful but I can't help but feel the need to update my hero knitwear pieces, every season as designs just get better! More intricate, better use of colour and also a range materials always gets my attention.

I recently heard that those fun loving, street style stalkers over at Warehouse have partnered with the latest street art phenomenons, who created the trend #KnitBombing to get us fashionista's engaging and talking about the brand (@Warestyle)

I guess I'm losing my touch ever so slightly as I wasn't even aware of what #KnitBombing was to begin with! Apparently, Knit Bombing is street art with a cosy edge, created by Guerrilla knitting-groups who have been warming the soul of urban spaces and making cities feel a whole lot more playful. 

Below are a few #knitbombs which I found when researching and loved!

Warehouse are giving customers the chance to win a £250 gift card by using their Knit-Bombing kit, free in-store with selected knitwear is purchased. All you have to do is snap a pic on Instagram of a Warehouse sign or a bespoke Warehouse Wooly Window and tag #KnitBombing to create a social media brand-buzz around the phenomenon.

I'd love to see how creative Warehouse gets this season!
CP xo


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