16 October 2013

Chantelle Bras Bloggers Party

Earlier this year, I was recently treated to the most relaxing bra fitting I've had in years, by Chantelle Fit Expert Sandra Dyke, at the exclusive Chantelle Bloggers Party, hosted in the brand's central London showroom.

Although I had been aware of Chantelle's position within the lingerie market and the brand's extensive history dating back to corsettry, I had never once wore or better still tried on a Chantelle Bra - I was definitely missing out!

Chantelle Paris are simply divine and a huge hit amongst European consumers due to the varied and sustainable fits each bra provides. 

I fell in love with invisible C Chic Sexy Spacer Bra, C Paris & the Haussman shapes which include a t-shirt, push up & strapless version, along with its tuxedo detail features.

Check out their AW13 collection here

If you'd like to test a Chantelle product yourself, find your closest store here or shop online here.
I cannot stress the importance of a 'real' bra, one that makes you feel whole, unstoppable and literally at one with your body. Try Chantelle Bras!

Take a look at my Vine video of the event below


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