20 August 2013

Natural Hair & Beauty Show - WITJ

I seriously cannot wait for The WITJ Natural Hair & Beauty Show which for me, seems much more up to date and exciting, than the 90's version, Afro Hair & Beauty Show which I grew up attending and pretty much hating.

The WITJ Natural Hair & Beauty Show is a new and exclusive showcase tailored to women with naturally textured hair and beauty for women of colour in the UK. WITJ sets out to be one of the largest hair & beauty shows and exhibition in the UK, bringing together natural hair, current beauty trends appealing to the modern day woman of colour.

The show was created by founder Wunmi, to help women step out of the box and prevent women from feeling their choices are limited simply because they choose to wear their hair in it’s natural state. Wunmi identified the need for women of colour to not only find out how to look after natural hair but also how to express themselves with their natural hair.

Attendees of the The Natural Hair & Beauty Show 2013 are promised, on stage Hair & Beauty demos, presentations on caring for and styling natural hair, the chance to purchase from UK based natural hair & beauty companies, be introduced to new brands, giveaways, amazing swag bags filled with products from our sponsors, live entertainment and  much much more…

The WITJ Natural Hair & Beauty Show will be held on Saturday 24th August 2013, in the heart of the capital at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, London.
If you are interested in maintaining your natural hair, know someone else who is or who ought to be, grab yourself a ticket here and get yourself down! 

Don't forget to say hi if you spot me, I'm really look forward to meeting you all!


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