02 May 2013

#LetsGetDiggyWithIt @TheEdibleBusStop & @TimberlandUK

I cannot describe to you how pleased and honoured I was to be contacted by the lovely PR's behind Timberland UK to join forces with a relatively new yet wonderful organisation, The Edible Bus Stop which stems it's services out of genuine care for it's local community & green spaces.

On Friday 26th April 2013, a group of journalists from the likes of FHM, The Telegraph Fashion & Glamour magazine, executives from Timberland UK and some of my favourite UK Bloggers including Diary of a Clotheshorse, A La Male & HiFashionSite left all fashion & glamour which we are all so 'used to' in favour of digging & shovelling mud and literally shit in order to grace the community of Clapham North with a new garden space, all the whilst, being decked out in protective fashion by Timberland UK.

Little did I know, but very year, Timberland employees put in thousands of hours of community work as part of their Path of ServiceTM programme. The programme offers each and every Timberland employee 40 paid hours off every year to volunteer in their communities on re-­greening projects and this year Edible Bus Stop was the chosen organisation.

The Edible Bus Stop started as a guerilla community garden by ex super model Mak Gilchrist and Landscape Architect Will Sandy and has now been awarded funding by The Mayor of London's Pocket Parks Scheme. This tiny garden will be the first to be officially launched under the project with a ribbon cutting ceremony in mid.

“Coming together as a team and serving our communities is what we do best,” says Timberland European CSR Manager, Anabel Drese. “Whether it is community greening efforts benefiting local communities or working to preserve the environment through our ongoing reforestation efforts, each reaffirms Timberland’s history of commitment to creating positive impact in the world. The Edible Bus Stop is the perfect project for our teams to get involved with, especially at this exciting time for the scheme.” 

Here's a clip I managed to make using the Vine App, capturing just a few hints of the fun and sweat which went into creating a new area to list as one of The Edible Bus Stop's success'.

If you'd like to know more about The Edible Bus Stop and what they are up to at present, or if you'd like to get involved, please find them here

The garden we built will launch on Saturday 18th May 2013. 
Feel free to come down and say hi! 
The garden is located on Landor Rd, SW9 at the corner of Edithna Street & opposite Lambeth Hospital.

Huge thanks to the incredible team over at IPR Fashion!
*Laura, Helen, Rachael & Graeme*


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