03 October 2012

Eden Diodati

Eden Diodati launches its new, luxury evening wear collection, drawing inspiration from an artistic heritage that bounds century-old global cultures together. 
What I love about this collection is that besides its artistic opulence, its truly beautiful and I love the general aspects of nature incorporated into the prints seen on many gowns in the collection and its Nubian inspired jewellery.
What one wouldn't know by just looking at the Eden Diodati collection, is that each garment is crafted through a not for profit cooperative in Italy, run entirely by volunteers. 
People at the fringes of society – those touched by physical and mental abuse, trauma and disability – are given the chance to rebuild their skills and lives through their journey with Eden Diodati
Eden Diodati is one of the Ethical Fashion Forum’s 500 Fellows around the globe.


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