24 June 2011

Erykah Badu

Can't believe it!
Erykah Badu will be performing at the O2 Academy Brixton on the 17th July 2011.
I LOVE this woman. Known for her spectacular song writing and singing abilities, Ms Badu usually channels a neo-soul/funk genre but you cant put this lady in a box. I'm almost positive this will be an outstanding/ unforgettable set & performance.
I need to get my ticket asap!

Purchase yours here - http://www.o2academybrixton.co.uk/event/26836/erykah-badu-tickets/?c=efbrx-220611



21 June 2011

Terry de Havilland 50th Anniversary

British footwear designer Terry de Havilland, 72 years of age this year, will be celebrating the brand's 50th anniversary, by launching a pop-up shop in Selfridges, London from 15th July 2011.
Terry de Havilland footwear, founded in 1961, will be running the pop-up concession for one month and will included a display of Terry’s work of the past five decades, four exclusive limited edition styles and the new AW11 collection - which I must add is pretty damn hot! I've been drooling over them for the past 3 weeks hoping my Manager will see and take pity on a broke pocketed intern...

The four limited edition styles are based on an archive of Terry’s pieces and will include the iconic gold wedge that is best known for being worn by Alison Goldfrapp on her Supernature album cover, and a leather ankle boot with a silver dagger heel.
In addition to this fabulous event, Terry has also announced that he will be launching a new e-commerce website this year where you can preview upcoming designs created by Terry de Havilland Couture and purchase itemsg a new stock of bridal shoes. Yay!

Now these are my favourite of the AW11 collection...

And these are BBC's Radio 1 DJ Gemma Cairney favourites...

Which do you prefer?

16 June 2011

I love this woman's hair! B****!

Funky Tights

Have a look at the tights recently shown on cakeyperry.wordpress.com

I love them! They are originally by les-queues-de-sardines.com
Here's a few of their limited edition tights...

I'm wondering if they can make me a pair with the 'CP' logo...wouldn't they look hot?
I could probably give a pair away then....

The Cos Sale

The Cos Sale starts today!! Yipeee!! Hurry down to your nearest store as I can guarantee their products are limited and will sell fast!

Keep an eye out for these styles...


Nike Heeled Shoes

The ugliest shoes I have probably ever seen...yuck!

14 June 2011

Successful Women

Loved this article by Grazia which questions whether being successful can put men off...

This is definitely a subject which has crossed my living room when chilling with the girls over a glass of Rose, but what do you think?

True or False?

I'm in love with Smokey Robotic


13 June 2011

Katie Eary

Since working for Exposure Edit, I have been introduced to a few new high end fashion brands that weren't previously in my fashion vocabulary.

They are Mackintosh, Charlotte Delphine Jewellery, Basso & Brookes, Tim Soar and for the feature today,Katie Eary.

I had to make a post on her work, not only because its outrageously crazy, funky yet wearable but because I came across a shoot with her AW11 collection featuring a model I had worked with at Calvin klein who I have a not so secret crush on...Alex Prinz of D1 Models.
Here he was styled by Vix Adams and featured on Fucking Young...I swear Alex...you do something to me...till we meet again xo

For More Info - www.katieeary.co.uk

10 June 2011

Tickets for New Look's Style The Nation...e:cloclocloset@gmail.com if you want them! xo

This week's xo

Emma Watson looking hot!!!

Kanye rocking the Celine blouse...had to see it...and I dont blame him...

Jessie J looking glam and like a real girl for once...Me Like It!

Won't everyone leave this woman alone...she doesnt want to starve herself to fit in with Hollywood..get over it!

The machine behind Cake Pops...I have to get it!!!

Kitten Heels...are they really back? I hope not :(


Yes! You heard it right! Nicki Minaj is scheduled to tour London this year coutesy of Choice FM who classes the female rapper as a member of the Choice FM 'family'

Whilst listening to the announcement made on Choice FM this morning shortly before 9am, I was also reminded that today is officially Pink Friday...

Cheer Cheer for the self proclaimed Black Barbie herself...

I'm going to do my very best to get myself some tickets...you can too by listening to Choice FM from 9am on Monday 13th June 2011

Iceeeeey Baby

Bluberry Ice 

Let The Shoes Do The Talking!

On my travels and twittering escapades this week, I was introduced to new label Bluberry.
A brand new female footwear company who have obviously taped into what we women love more than chocolate...YES! More than chocolate and that's BLING!!!

Marilyn Monroe - Elizabeth Taylor...do I need to state more references?

The luxurious brand which covers its products in none other than Swarovski crystals was formed over a year ago as a result of true passion and undeniable talent and can today proudly present themselves as beautiful footwear creations that women from around the world can fall in love with.

The gorgeous collection of 5 heeled styles are limited edition pieces with only a small amount of shoes produced on a monthly basis. Prices range from £500 for sling back models, and move up to £795 for the platform court styles, with prices for bespoke items varying. In addition to the gorgeous shoes, Bluberry have also created the perfect accessories - phones, zippy lighters and are currently crystallizing make-up palettes in a collaboration with a global make-up brand which will launch soon enough, with plans for a Bluberry Ice fragrance (fully Swarovski crystal encrusted bottle) being released also.

What do you think? Me?

I'm actually in awe! I cant believe I didn't put these on my birthday wish list..if only...(sigh)
Reminds me of the image of Louboutin's lurking around on everyone's BBM, which I have to say, I don't like...they are too 'clonky'..i don't think their very feminine...a bit cheap looking and clunky lol

I'd rather me a Bluberry Ice!

Orders can now be made via www.bluberryice.com

03 June 2011

All I need to make my day puuuurfect....


Topshop HATTY2 Bow Sandals



Who wants to Part-aaaaay! on Saturday Night?

Get yo' ass down to Work It....a guaranteed messy night!

If your early enough (and yes you must be early...dont bother trying to get in after 10.30pm...I did last month and ended up at Avalon in Shoreditch...needless to say it was a shit night but Rizzle Kicks on the bus home cheered me up) you get a freee tshirt! Well for the first 50 entries that is...

56 Shoreditch High Street E1 6JJ
(Below Pizza East)
9pm-2am // £5


POP UP Alert xo Nailgirls @ Start

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