31 May 2011

5 Things to make you smile this week...

A Sample Sale...

New Online Store - Fresh Cotton...

New Label - Maison Scotch...

Cute Summer Dress...
Priestly Vintage @ http://www.coogles.com/

This Week's Best Denim Picks...


The BEST off duty look this year!


29 May 2011

Bank Holiday Sunday: www.mangolandin.net

Aren't bank holidays just the best thing since life spread...I think thats what they call it...
Anyway running a bit late for my best mate's, best mates birthday party in Mango Landing, Brixton (www.mangolandin.net ). Very naughty indeed!
But i'm fully dressed, make ups done and hair is volumised as usual...
Don't know what to expect but shall have some pics for you later.
The only problem I'm facing right now is whether to wear black office jelly sandals or Terry De Havilland wedges with my outfit (green ck one jeans, black DP puff shoulder blouse & black GAP blazer)?
Should have images for you really but I've been slacking this weekend...One night with my older cousins and I'm in recovery for the whole weekend...tut tut...I'm so NOT hard core!lol

27 May 2011


To Kim Kardashian & boyfriend Kris Humphries who are recently engaged...

The real reason everyone is talking about this engagement is her bulging $2 million ring which she is rightly showing off...you go girl!
You got a hunk (recently featured in GQ wearing Calvin Klein & Dolce & Gabbana shorts)....and a big ol' ring... I cant wait to see it!



Arent these cards fabulously witty & economising?

If your anything like me, cards will mean alot and being honest in abundance does have consequences..ask anyone who has been in contact with me on a night out...but back to the point, these cards are extremely simplistic and made of 100% recycled stock paper and come complete with a recycled envelope!
Isnt this exciting?
I think I'm going to purchase the really bold one which reads "Mediocre looking people can have beautiful people too" PMSL
Who can I give that to? Hmmm...

Style Spotter xo Yasmin

Love this girls styleeee!

I want that headband! xo

DVF Swimwear

Just makes me more depressed knowing I wont be going on holiday this year.
Gorgeous collection though...dont you think?

26 May 2011


Is a pinic for bloggers! And I cant wait to attend. If your interested feel free to come down. I hope the weathers fantastic! xo

25 May 2011

London Samples Sales


YouTube Moments - Britain's Got Talent Vs The Hangover

Doesn't this Britain's Got Talent contestant Dan Reid remind you of The Dan Band from The Hangover?

Love that film! Absolutely Hilarious!

And this guy shocked me so much so I got goose pimples
*Thanks to my mate Elliott Coulton for giving me this input

More Beyonce...

Okay…I was obsessed with her before but despite not liking the song originally…because its Beyonce, its growing on me…I love this performance on Oprah! I love Beyonce!!!
Dont you love the way she’s handing out diploma’s! Read between the lines ladies!
Plus I love that tuxedo stage costume. The shirt underneath looks nice! Me want it!!!

24 May 2011

Just love this image...

Christian Louboutin VS YSL

Have you heard?
Theres a scathing war between the two fashion houses over the trademark red sole...
Who do you think should win the battle?
My vote lie with Christian Louboutin...I love his shoes...and I love my 'Loubs' too xo

P.S Do you think Hayden's heels are Christian Louboutin?

Duchess of Cambridge in....

Reiss! Again!!!

Who can blame her, their clothes are so flattering and chic!

Michelle Obama & Camilla look pretty good too...shame about the queen...floral & black leather....erm...no your highness!

23 May 2011

2011 Billboard Music Awards

I had to do a feature of this event on my blog after listening to unbelievable reviews from Choice FM's breakfast show hosts Max & Kojo The Comedian.

The best performance of the night has to go to Beyonce. The woman is AMAZING!
No one can steal her crown...No Way!
Although I think her tune 'Who run the world' is complete cack! the meaning is substancial and her performance last night was out of this world, knocking Rihanna way off her podium!!
I particularly love the end of this clip where you can see Michelle Williams & Kelly Rowland (formerly of Destiny's Child) along with Rihanna & Jay Z showing Beyonce full appreciation for her performance...I can feel the love!

As to be expected Rihanna's performance was extremely seductive with the S&M singer doing her best stripper reinaction, before beign joined on stage by none other than Britney Spears herself.

For anyone who listened to the breakfast show on Choice FM this morning, unwittingly, I have to agree with Kojo...Rihanna did NOT look amazing (it hurts me to say) Britney on the other hand looked decent! Her body was in shape, hair was on point and she didnt go wild, but remained extremely professional...yes...I'm in shock too!

She looked extra hot when performing with the newest Princess of Hip Hop, Nicki Minaj
Have a look for yourself...


Naked Girls Reading

Sophia St. Villier and Sugarlesque proudly bring you a very intimate Naked Girls Reading where the girls will read to you their favourite bedtime stories. Naked.
Instead of hot cocoa, you will be served rum punch all evening (inclusive in ticket price). So come along, curl up (pajamas optional) and let the Naked Girls lead you to the land of nod.
Tickets: £20 which includes free rum punch all night.
Doors are at 7:30, show starts at 8pm sharp.
Must be 18+.


Numbers are limited - ladies, gentlemen and groups welcome !

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