31 March 2011

Christie’s Green Auction and Vogue Runway to Green fashion show

Which outfit do you rate the best?



Would you say this women is curvy?

Scott “The Sartorialist” Schuman thinks so.... He posted two images of fellow style blogger Angelica Ardasheva on his site yesterday along with the caption, “I loved that she’s a bigger, curvier girl than most of the other bloggers who you see in the press and tend to represent the genre.”
Hello! He obviously hasnt met me nor any of the other fantastic plus size bloggers I love so much! Apparently, what Schuman found most interesting about Ardasheva’s style wasn’t... well, her style so much as the way her “strong” shoes complemented her “sturdy” legs
*covering my eyes* 


30 March 2011

Lucy In Disguise

In addition to Lilly Allen's channel 4 documentary ' Lily Allen from riches to rags' which was shown yesterday in which I secretly shed a little tear whilst watching, singer Lily Allen & her Lucy in Disguise business partner & sister Sarah Owen launched their own dress collection 

27 March 2011

Iconic Hollywood Gowns

In no apparent order of course...xo


Legs Out

I'm loving the newest celeb style sweeping our Hollywood A list females at the moment...How sexy!.... How seductive!
...its amazing that just as the legendary Elizabeth Taylor passes does hollywood glamour get snapped at full effect...take a look who quickly jumped on the bandwagon...

Who do you think has worn it best?
...I cant choose between Victoria, Olivia Palermo & Poppy Delevingne....

If you would like to recreate this look yourself...check out the world's best shopping website...ASOS..these dresses are under £60...send in pics so we can share your look xo


RIP Elizabeth Taylor


Alia Wang

Look at Alexander Wang's niece Aila...isn't she just the cutest little fashionista ever!!
I cant imagine Olivia Palermo looking this good at two...can you? lol

Lil' Aila will hopefully join the family business one day says Mr Wang himself... “Hopefully!” he said. “I mean, she’s such a star. I’d love to keep it within the family."

For the sake of our future fashionista's...I bloody well hope so....xo

CP xo

22 March 2011

Exclusive Charity Shopping Event at Orion London, In Association With The Pink Ribbon Foundation

Exclusive Charity Shopping Event at Orion London, In Association With The Pink Ribbon Foundation

Orion invite you to indulge at their exclusive shopping event, in association with the Pink Ribbon Foundation, on Friday 1st April from 6 - 9 pm.

Orion's special event will offer customers 20% of all purchases - including their renowned vintage inspired dresses from the new Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Take advantage of the perfect opportunity to update your wardrobe, whilst enjoying VIP treatment. Indulge in a complimentary drink and sweet treat on arrival and listen to live music performed by rising folk-singer Josienne Clark.10% of all profits of the evening will be donated to the Pink Ribbon Foundation who aim to unite charities and fight breast cancer.
All profits from the event will be donated to support this worthy cause.
So, for a VIP night out with your girlfriends, ladies show your support for the Pink Ribbon Foundation, and walk away with a bargain at Orion London's shopping event.

Orion London
17 Monmouth Street
Seven Dials

Time To Visit G-Shock West On Neal Street

The new Gshock West store is opening on Thursday 31st March on Neal Street
Make sure you're there!

Time To Visit G-Shock West On Neal Street

04 March 2011

Rihanna - The New Face Of Nivea

No not the singer...as far as I know she is faded into the ordinary life ...I'm on about Nivea the cream giants...they've just announced that Rihanna is their new face...what do you think?

Me personally, I'm not going crazy over the image, I do she looks nice in it and that its clean and minimalistic but as a PR person, I also think she is a great ambassador for the brand!
She has great skin - She's a role model to many - She is a woman of colour...not many big brand names have ethnic models/ celebrities to endorse their brand so thumbs up to Nivea...not to mention, nearly every black, white, mixed race, & Asian person I know has a bottle in their cupboard or travel sized container in the back of their car...

01 March 2011

Clo Clo xo Burberry


Obviously not as much as I do! I'm going crazy over the collection & the campaign featuring some of the most beautiful 'brown' models I have seen in a looooong time (Jourdan Dunn's comeback to modelling - sure to be a huge hit!)

Just look how they are representing us Brits!!!! Whooop whoop to Burberry!!!
P.s dont be confused...this is a SS 2011 collection...who wears leather in the Spring/ Summer...yes us British people lol

These celebrity's are loving it just as much as me...except they have the cash mulla to pimp themselves out in it head to toe where as a normal fashion marketing intern like myself....errr...cant afford it! But I will be browsing & trying on stuff soon so stay tuned for pics....If anyone wants to make a donation to this fund please email me at cloclocloset@gmail.com

Muchos grazias
Tinie's wearing the male version of the biker jacket to Jourdan's one above... saw a woman whilst having cockatils at the Trader's vic in London's Hilton on Park Lane... I wanted to jump into it and run off...but obviously I'm a lady *blushes* and ladies would not do such a thing hahaha...I'm waiting for my millionaire boyfriend to purchase me 3 of the Burberry coats/ jackets

Kate Bosworth looking like a right English bird here...I love love LOVE the boots & love love LOVE the stud detailing!

Check out the quilting detail! I'm not a fan of the beige on beige but then again its Burberry...does it really matter?

Here's a few more celebs in the Burberry Prorsum coats/ jackets...hate em & love em...the celebs that is!


ck one is here....TODAY!

The ck one campaign is the biggest Calvin Klein campaign to date incorporating, for the first time, Underwear, Jeans and Fragrance.

As you should already know, the ck one campaign is a unique boundary-pushing representation of youth, beauty, culture & music. The Spring 2011 campaign is a multi-layered, interactive experience that will document the faces and voices of the “now generation” in a groundbreaking, original advertising format that involves not only the talent, but the viewers themselves.

A selection of ck one product is now in stores, with visuals being switched out and the Vending Machine (selling ck one underwear) is in the
Regent Street
store too.

Please take the time to go in store and to look at the ck one microsite www.ckone.com - now live, with content being continuously updated. With so many activities happening in relation to ck one we have no doubt that the ck one experience will not disappoint. 

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