23 January 2011


And I'm loving this Wildfox tee...anyone wanna get the 'VE' tee so we can hit the streets with Love? lol

Hair it is...2011

Here are a few hairstyles I'm loving at the moment...
Which style do you like best?
I'm seriously considering purchasing a pink weave/wig...I'm fair too so may just be able to pull it off...(btw the Nicky Minaj pic has been posted as I love NM & love the HAIR style..not necessarily the colour) comments please....xo

All Saints SS11

Lenoix dress - All Saints SS 2011
Loving this dress. The structuring reminds me of a Vivienne Westwood Anglomania dress...I absolutely love the leopard print! This will look great with my Zara peak shoulder blazer, Black KG heeled pumps and a nice red patent Lulu Guiness clutch! Ooh and red mani nails....puuuuurfect! :)

17 January 2011

One of the Best Golden Globe Outfits

My award goes to the one and only Jennifer Lopez!!!!

She is hot hot hot!!!!

What a bloody Yummy Mummy!!

Loving the colour, the texture, the absolute girliness of this ensemble, her groomed coiffure and this outfit was made to wear with peep toed Louboutins!! My Fav!!! Yay!!!
Make up is kept simple...right up my street!! Still she mixes Golden Globe elegance with the hard to shake Jenny from the Block swag!!! Love her!!!!*Wolf Whistles please lads*

Look what I got...............

From the lovely Press Staff at Agent Provocateur!!

Thank you guys soooo much! Loved working with you!! And hope to stay in touch...forever xoxo

16 January 2011

Fashion Movies

I will be checking these movies out for the few weekends....need to find a near by blockbusters...anyone know of any near Stoke Newington??
Unzipped, 1995

Catwalk, 1996

Seamless, 2005

Signé Chanel, 2007

Valentino: The Last Emperor, 2008
The life of Valentino Garavani


Clo Clo Wants

I think I was getting a bit carried away with thinking ahead of a new Spring Wardrobe...I was absolutely freezing this weekend...thank God to my curls which kept my head warm...boy...my hair was wild!lol

I now need these staples....asap

Camel Cape Trench - Topshop

G-Star Long Cardigan
Doesnt it look soooo warm?!

15 January 2011

Missing Drake

SO I went to see Drake at Hammersmith Apollo on Monday night (14/1/2011) and he was fantastic! I've been to a few concerts in my time but honestly, he was amazing...as I like to put it, he is THE Shit!!!

He addressed the audience so many times throughout his performance and really took time to notice his fans, pointing out a few people including a girl who had wrote Drake on her breast...I quietly wish I had done the same (covering my face)

Now I'm starting to have withdrawal symptoms and wish I could see him perfom again 

CP xo

13 January 2011

HD Def Make Up

Theres me thinking HD was just related to tv's....well not if your an A List celebrity!
'This powder hides fine lines and gives the wearer youthful looking skin'... And it is being advertised for everyday use, although I'm not so sure who would wear this out on a everyday basis...take a look at this pic of Eva Longoria & Nicole Kidman for the effects of HD Powder...

you would not expect them to leave the house like this...sack the make up artist!!! And hire me lol

Anyway I've been searching a few of these HD Microfinish powders online and this is what I found...please leave comments if you have tried & tested any of these products and what your overall conclusions are...I really want to hear from you. xo


03 January 2011

Win $50 from Shock Boutique

Hey my lovelies!!!!

Happy Happy Happy New Year to you all!!!!!
Hope you all had a safe and amazing holiday!
I'm so sad to report that tonight is most of our last night of freedom before hitting the road back to our jobs/ career but dont be too sad...this is the time for us all to take advantage of the new year and make changes that you've been waiting to put in place throughout 2010 and for some reason (cough cough) didnt get round to it. Please let me know if you have any of these and what they may be...

Back to the lovely Shock Boutique....this fabulous website is offering a $50 giftcard to help you get on your way to making those resloutions reality...I even entered...and so should you!


Lots & Lots of love and new year wishes

Clo xoxo
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